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Book Carpet Steam Cleaning - Now 3 rooms for only $109
Including FREE vacuuming and stain treatment!
Valid for a room size up to 12 m2 (every additional sqm is charged $3/sqm). The price is valid for normal/average condition of the carpet.
3 rooms for only $109
Carpet Cleaning Services

How do you benefit from a professional carpet cleaning?

Have you happened to deal with a stubborn stain on your carpet? If you have, you surely know that usually, the harder you try to get rid of it, the worst it gets, even when you have tried all the DIY methods you’ve come across. Not to mention the traffic lanes or the pet hairs of your furry cat that are just impossible to remove from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. It’s hard to deal with all these on your own, especially if you are busy with so many other things. Here a professional carpet cleaning service comes very useful - it saves you precious time and guarantees results beyond satisfaction. By booking trusted carpet cleaners in Port Kennedy, you get perfectly-clean, fluffy carpets, free of bad odours, allergens, and hard-to-remove stains, plus healthier indoor air and a refreshed overall home interior.

Why choose Fantastic Cleaners in Port Kennedy for your carpet cleaning needs?

We have been providing the community with domestic cleaning services for over 10 years and we truly value our customers. Our greatest satisfaction comes from the positive feedback of our happy clients. That’s why we, from Fantastic Cleaners, strive to provide you with the most convenient and effective cleaning services. Here are some of the advantages that we offer:

  • 7 days a week availability, even on public holidays;
  • No additional charge for weekend bookings;
  • User-oriented booking system - you can make a booking through our GoFantastic app or by filling a simple online booking form;
  • Friendly and skilled local experts - the people we work with are experienced and devoted to the idea of providing the best possible service;
  • Advanced equipment - we use industry-grade carpet cleaning machinery and powerful, yet eco-friendly cleaning products;
  • Highly-effective cleaning method - the hot water extraction method works wonders on almost all types of carpeting;
  • Money-saving deals - you can combine carpet cleaning with another cleaning service of ours for a better deal;
  • Join the Club - by becoming a Fantastic Club member, you subscribe for even more benefits and exclusive deals.

What our clients say:

How is the carpet cleaning service performed?

At the day of the service, meet your carpet cleaning expert, supplied with all the necessary equipment and ready to get down to work. First, your carpet will be vacuumed thoroughly with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Next, the technician will inspect the carpet for any stains or traffic marks and will pretreat them with a special stain-removal product if necessary. At this point, your carpet is ready for the actual cleaning, done with a special hot water extraction machine. The cleaning specialist will inject heated water under pressure onto the carpet, along with a professional detergent. The mixture dissolves the stains and dirt, accumulated in the carpet fibre. Then, the solution of water, detergent and dirt is extracted from the carpet with another powerful operation of the machine, leaving the carpeting clean and slightly damp. For the rug to dry completely, you need to allow a few hours.

Furthermore, you can add the optional carpet protection to your service. This is a special product of the Scotchgard brand, which can be applied onto the carpet to prevent future spills from becoming stubborn stains, for up to 6 months.

Another optional service that you may add is deodorising - for an even nicer smelling freshly cleaned carpet.

Although the carpet protection service is optional, it is highly recommended, if you would like to prolong the life of your carpet. Both the carpet protection and deodorising are available upon request, at additional charge.

Please, note that some carpets, made of more delicate fibres, require very gentle handling and are not suitable for the hot water extraction method. Your carpet cleaning specialist will be able to determine that, when inspecting your carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning service

How much does carpet cleaning in Port Kennedy cost?

The average cost of carpet cleaning in Port Kennedy varies around $129, with price ranges from $109 to $445.

Those opting for professional carpet cleaning often book it for 2-bedroom properties.

Many of them also include oven cleaning in their service.

Approximately 30% of our Port Kennedy clients enjoy exclusive benefits as Fantastic Club members.

*The provided information is collected from our database over the past 12 months.

Local Carpet Cleaners Near You

Carpet cleaning is one of our many services we have full coverage in Perth. So, you can count on local cleaning experts, who can swiftly come to your home address or place of business to perform the service and restore imaculate look of your carpets. Every area is included, but here you can see some of our top places with highest demand:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of stains can you remove?
A: The professional detergent that we use treats any kind of stains, but if treated unprofessionally in the past, the stains may be very hard to remove completely.
Q: Do you clean wall-to-wall carpeting?
A: Yes, we do. However, if there are some bulky pieces of furniture that you would like to be removed for the cleaning process, you will need to take care of this in advance. The carpet cleaning technician can help you with moving some light stuff, upon arrival.
Q: What is the recommended use of a professional carpet cleaning service?
A: In order to maintain your carpet in the best shape, it’s enough to use professional carpet cleaning twice a year.
Q: How much does the carpet cleaning service cost?
A: It depends on the size of your carpet and its overall condition.

Refresh your carpets by booking a Fantastic carpet cleaning service!