Commercial Cleaning in Melbourne

  • No minimum term service agreement
  • Individual customer-orientated service
  • Reliable personal account manager
  • Regular cleaning with the same cleaner
  • Out-of-business-hours cleaning options
  • Special rates for all other specialised services
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Professional Office Cleaning According to Your Specifications

Why not focus on your business goals and leave the cleaning maintenance to the professionals?

Fantastic Cleaners help daily commercial clients in Melbourne with keeping their premises clean and welcoming. Our industrial cleaning methods have been fine-tuned to meet your specific property needs without disturbing your business operations.

For a consistently healthy and presentable work environment, consign the responsibility of your office upkeep to a dedicated office housekeeping operative.

The Fantastic Commercial Cleaners Get the Job Done

Whether you require cleaning assistance on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, you will be provided with the same cleaner every time. This way, the commercial maid will get familiar quickly with your specific cleaning priorities and individual requests for a smooth and hassle-free service delivery and better job efficiency.

Our commercial cleaning expertise is preferred for the following stand-above-the-rest staff selection and contracting standards:

  • Specially trained, trusted and conscientious operatives
  • Fully vetted, interviewed and insured cleaners
  • Qualified to use high-end equipment and detergents
  • Friendly, adaptable and presentably badge uniformed
  • Responsive to quality control monitoring and recommendations
  • Comprehensively instructed to use door entry access control systems

Corporate Cleaning for a Range of Industries in Melbourne

We boast a versatile client base that comprises customers from:

  • public sector
  • food service industries
  • property and hospitality management sector
  • the retail and leisure service market
  • healthcare service providers

Hence, if you require restaurant cleaning, hotel cleaning, shop cleaning or a regular upkeep for your office space, we are here to render our timely assistance.

Commercial & Office Cleaning Are an Easy Routine for Us

Commercial spaces come in all sizes and differ from each other in their function and purpose. This naturally affects their upkeep and maintenance approach.

We, at Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne, have the expertise to customise our corporate cleaning services in a fashion that takes care of every aspect and specific areas of your premises, which need particular attention and an eye for detail.

Based on your cleaning checklist, the commercial cleaners can:

  • Vacuum and mop all floor surfaces (employing a professional hard floor cleaning equipment is also an option for large spaces, such as floorings in shopping malls);
  • Dust and polish furniture tops, chairs, office equipment, picture frames, mirrors, glass cabinets and displays, bannisters, window sills, shelves, etc.;
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture;
  • Clean thoroughly office and commercial kitchens, cooking appliances, dishes, cups and cutlery;
  • Sanitise toilets and washroom facilities;
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags;
  • Water plants;
  • Wash windows and frames on the inside, if reachable;
  • Clean the balcony, upon request.

Did you know:

The hands of a typical office worker come in contact with over 10 million bacteria per day. By disinfecting your work desk frequently, you can reduce the sick days in your office by about 30%.

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