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Upholstery Cleaning Services with Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne

Don’t we all feel great when we purchase a new deluxe three-seater for our living room? We cannot stop stroking the lush fabric. Well, to enjoy the same feeling for longer, regular upholstery cleaning is recommended. This is where Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne can come handy by providing you with advanced fabric and leather cleaning solutions.

Accomplished Upholstery Cleaners in Melbourne

Your upholstery cleaning service is brought to you by dedicated technicians, who are fully trained to operate our specialised textile cleaning equipment. They use professional techniques to remove deeply embedded stains, unpleasant odors, as well as the tired look from your sofas, couches and armchairs.

Pro tip:

If you're cleaning your upholstery less than once a year, then steam cleaning is the better cleaning method for you, because it digs deeper into the fabric and removes contaminants and stains more efficiently.

 The upholstery cleaners adopt the following cleaning techniques:

  • Steam cleaning, which involves the process of pre-treating the furniture and present stains with a specialised solution, then rinsing it and extracting the moisture along with the dissolved soiling. The hot water extraction machine comes with the right upholstery cleaning add-ons for efficient and fast service. Clients are advised to wait between 4 and 6 hours for the furniture to dry completely.
  • Dry cleaning, which encompasses the use of a bonnet rotary machine and dry solvents. The cleaning agent is worked in the upholstery fibres with rotary brushes. The method is suitable for fabrics, which are delicate or brightly coloured and which will not benefit from being steam cleaned.
  • Leather cleaning - the restoration of the fresh look of leather furniture is achieved by applying a special leather cleaning agent and some patience. Soft brushes and cotton cloths are the only tools, used in the process. For a perfect finish, the use of a leather rejuvenator is recommended at the end of the service. Drying time of one to two hours may be required.

The Upholstery Cleaning Service - Step by Step

  1. The cleaners arrive at the arranged time and prepare for the service:
  • They put on overshoes
  • Cover the surrounding floor area with a protective sheet
  • Perform a free inspection of the furniture
  • Determine the most suitable cleaning method
  1.   The cleaners vacuum thoroughly the furniture to remove any dust, particles or pet hair.
  2.    In the presence of stains:
  • They are pH tested
  • Suitable solution is applied to pre-treat the stains
  • For leather furniture - a suitability patch test is performed
  1.    The appropriate cleaning method is then applied (dry/steam cleaning or leather cleaning)
  2.    Fabric protection or leather rejuvenator is applied upon request

Our Mattress Cleaning Service Will Sanitise Your Bed

We all spend a third of our lives asleep, presumably in bed. And if we want to get up feeling healthy and energised every morning, a clean and allergen-free mattress is a must.

We strongly advise that you take proper care of your bed piece at 6-month intervals or at least, once a year.

As the most efficient cleaning method for sanitising a mattress is the steam cleaning technique, Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne can lend you a hand with their professional industry-powered equipment and proven expertise. Please, be assured that the hot water extraction method will remove all soiling, odours, stains, allergens and organic matter from you mattress.

Did you know:

Mattress waste is a growing problem in the last few years. In 2014, Australian metropolitan councils collected around 232,000 mattresses. Even though there are a few mattress recycling methods, they are all incomplete, and most mattresses still end up in landfills. This is why mattress cleaning is so important - it increases the lifespan of the mattress by years.

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