NDIS cleaning services Sydney

We’ll take the worry and burden out of your daily life by providing you with expert NDIS support workers!

  • Vetted and fully equipped experienced NDIS cleaners
  • A registered NDIS provider
  • Supporting the vulnerable with their dignity and safety in mind
  • Simple online booking process in a matter of minutes
NDIS Cleaning Services

Fully insured NDIS cleaning services Sydney

No need to face home maintenance challenges alone; we're here to help! As a part of Fantastic Services, an NDIS-registered provider, Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney has proudly served hundreds of NDIS participants with top-tier cleaning services.

Liberate yourself from the daily worry of house chores with our expert cleaning and property maintenance services. While family and friends can lend a hand, the assurance from relying on our background-checked, professional specialists offers unparalleled comfort.

With the national standard NDIS Worker Screening Check in place, rest assured that we prioritise your well-being, offering supportive services for your peace of mind!

Why choose Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney

We're experts in diverse house cleaning services - regular, one-off, speciality tasks like carpet, oven, window, end of lease cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Count on our main brand, Fantastic Services, for pest control, gardening, and handyman solutions, meeting all your property maintenance needs.

With us, all local NDIS participants can take advantage of:

  • Fully qualified, NDIS-approved local professionals
  • High-powered equipment and effective cleaning products
  • Regular quality control
  • Friendly and tailored approach
  • 7-day availability and suitable cleaning schedule
  • Easy booking online or via our GoFantastic app
  • Healthy, safe and hygienic environment in your home
  • Customer care service with your high satisfaction in mind

Get in touch today and we’ll send a true cleaning professional your way in no time!

NDIS Cleaning

What our clients say:

Our NDIS cleaning services in Sydney in greater detail

Our NDIS cleaning service, as mentioned, offers a multitude of options. From general cleaning handled by local professionals to specialists focusing on items such as sofas, carpets, windows, ovens, and more. Moving out? We also offer guaranteed bond cleaning solutions.

Our Fantastic NDIS cleaning services, be it regular basic cleaning or spring deep cleaning, are tailored to your unique needs. Provide our experienced ndis cleaners with a list of tasks – vacuuming; removing cobwebs; mopping; dusting; polishing surfaces, fixtures and fittings; making the bed and so on. Our diligent team will execute them in your order of priority. No chore is too small, and we focus on every detail.

close up of carpet cleaner working on a blue synthetic carpet

NDIS carpet cleaning in Sydney

Begin a voyage towards impeccably clean carpets with our expert NDIS-certified carpet cleaning service. Utilising cutting-edge methods and top-tier equipment, our NDIS-registered professional cleaners excel in eliminating entrenched grime, persistent blemishes, and allergens from your carpets.

Be confident in our experienced NDIS cleaners' ability to restore the original splendour of your carpets, creating a refreshed and sanitary atmosphere for either your home or workspace.

We also offer:

  • Carpet Sanitisation
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Scotchgard Protection

NDIS end of lease cleaning in Sydney

Experience a smooth transition with our NDIS-approved move-out cleaning services. Our Fantastic crew pays scrupulous attention to every nook and cranny, providing an all-inclusive clean that surpasses the most rigorous industry benchmarks.

From exhaustive dusting to accurate stain eradication, we ensure nothing is overlooked. Whether you're a self-managed NDIS participant or not, you can secure your deposit return effortlessly and impress your landlord with our flawless NDIS end-of-tenancy cleaning service.

ndis end of lease cleaning professionals working in a client's living room
ndis regular cleaning professional getting ready to tackle a list of tasks in a client's kitchen

Regular NDIS cleaning services Sydney

Easily sustain a clean and welcoming home with our reliable routine home cleaning services via the national disability insurance scheme. Our crew of NDIS-registered cleaners provides tailored, scheduled services, with a keen focus on the cleanliness of each room.

Sit back and enjoy a spotless living environment as we proficiently tackle the housekeeping tasks, allowing you more time for your favourite pursuits. Experience the tranquillity of a well-kept home and the liberty to fully engage in life's pleasures with our NDIS house cleaning services.

Sydney NDIS hourly cleaning

Infuse your environment with freshness using our highly praised NDIS-certified professional cleaning services. Witness a thorough cleanse as our committed experts painstakingly eliminate concealed dirt, dust, and allergens, ensuring nothing is left untouched.

Submerge yourself in a flawlessly clean space, diligently created to offer a revitalising and wholesome habitat for you and your beloved family. Discover the transformative potential of our highly commended services, and welcome the refreshed spirit of your home with the help of the national disability insurance agency.

ndis one-off cleaning lady wiping down a counter
close up of an upholstery cleaning machine's nozzle being held over a piece of upholstery by a hand wearing a blue latex glove

NDIS upholstery cleaning in the Sydney Metropolitan Area

Venture into the world of furniture revitalisation with our unparalleled NDIS upholstery cleaning service. Equipped with cutting-edge methods and environmentally conscious products, we execute a gentle yet potent cleaning ritual, effectively banishing entrenched dirt, tenacious stains, and disagreeable smells.

With every carefully administered stroke, we restore vitality to your treasured furniture, reinstating its inherent vibrance and fostering a captivating ambience in your home or office in Sydney. Witness the remarkable metamorphosis as your furnishings rediscover their glory, exuding a clean and appealing charm that draws in every visitor. Book your professional cleaning services with us via the national disability insurance scheme today!

Sydney mattress cleaning with NDIS

Unleash the full potential of your bedroom with our peerless NDIS-approved mattress cleaning services. Observe the mastery of our proficient NDIS-approved cleaners in Sydney as they employ top-tier practices for a comprehensive mattress deep clean and sterilisation.

Say goodbye to allergens, dust mites, and bacteria, and submerge yourself in the cosiness of a refreshed sleeping sanctuary. Welcome the serenity of a clean and renewed mattress, transforming your sleep routine and bolstering both health and mood.

ndis mattress cleaner wearing yellow rubber gloves, holding a mattress up with one hand and using a machine to clean it with the other

NDIS oven cleaning services in Sydney

Delve into the world of fresh ovens with our NDIS-registered oven cleaning services in Sydney. The expertise of our professionally trained team shines as they employ advanced cleaning techniques to restore your oven's original sparkle.

Evict stubborn grime, grease, and burnt-on food remnants, transforming your oven into a hygienic and efficient cooking appliance. The satisfaction of a sparkling oven provides a clean and well-maintained environment for every meal recipe. Harness the benefits of a pristine oven today and revolutionise your cooking experience with our professional cleaning services.

As one of the NDIS-registered providers in Australia, we also offer NDIS services in:

Find out what other services we offer on our Area Coverage page.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do I need to prove that I am an NDIS participant?
A: You may be asked to show your proof of eligibility, in order for the service to go ahead.
Q: Do I need to supply the cleaner with any cleaning materials?
A: No. The cleaner will arrive fully equipped with all the tools and detergents needed to complete the service.
Q: Do you cover the whole of Sydney?
A: Yes. Our NDIS cleaning services are available in the entire Sydney area.
Q: How do I change the set day of my regular cleaning appointments?
A: If you want your housekeeper to come on a different day of the week from what you’ve initially booked, then just contact us in advance (no later than 48 hours), so we can reschedule the service accordingly. Note that we may not be able to send the same cleaner, so try to give us as much notice as possible.

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