Expert Upholstery Cleaning in Brisbane

  • Free stain pre-treatment and effective odour removal
  • Adequate treatment of delicate fabrics
  • Expertise in leather cleaning and restoration
  • Guaranteed mattress deep cleaning and protection
  • Extended furniture lifespan through specialised treatment
from $85

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Upholstery TypeFantastic Club*Standard
Sofa by Seat$26$30
Dining chair$13$15
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*The minimum for the service is $85

How About a Fantastic Deal?

Enjoy Refreshed and Clean Upholstered Furniture

Is there anything more unappealing than a tired looking couch in the centre of your living room?

Well, you don’t have to buy a new one, yet. Instead, just take advantage of our deep upholstery cleaning solutions, brought to you by professional and experienced cleaners in Brisbane.

Why Fantastic Upholstery Cleaning?

Anytime you need in-depth couch cleaning or efficient lounge, armchair or sofa stain remover, we are at your disposal.

The specialists we work with are polite, trustworthy and always ready to share their knowledge on best upholstery maintenance. Rest assured that the cleaners will treat your possessions with care and work hard to impress you.

Steam cleaning for heavily soiled furniture

Suitability: A good choice for worn-out couches or stained and heavily polluted sofas and lounges.

The steam cleaning process: The method includes pre-treatment of stained fabric and deep cleaning with high-performance hot water extraction machine. Special add-on is used for guaranteeing that all odours and unwanted pollutants are extracted from the upholstery.

Protection: Preserving that clean and fresh look of the furniture for longer is possible by opting for Scotchgard fabric treatment. In exchange for a small additional charge, you can have protection against spills and permanent staining of the fabric.

Drying time: Usually, it is from 4 to 6 hours. However different factors play a role, like the specifics of the material, ventilation in the room and current season.

Expert leather cleaning services in Brisbane

Suitability: Any leather furniture, including white leather, can be treated and restored with our professional detergents and specialised conditioner. 

The leather cleaning process: The product will be first tested on a small patch by the upholstery cleaners to guarantee that it is suitable for the fabric.

Then they will gently rub it onto the furniture until it absorbs all contaminants. A soft cotton cloth will be then used to wipe your leather sofa, couch or armchair from top to bottom.

Protection: Finally, a special leather rejuvenator is applied for a perfect finish and satisfying results.

No drying time is required for this service since no moisture is used during the leather cleaning procedure.

What the Upholstery Cleaners Can Do for You:

Pet dander, mould spores and dust are easily trapped in your furniture's fabric. If not cleaned, there is a risk of triggering allergies and other unpleasant respiratory conditions.

The specialists will effectively deep clean your upholsteries, given that they are quite experienced in the cleaning and restoration of:

  • Couches;
  • Sofa sets;
  • Different-sized lounges
  • House and office chairs
  • Curtains 
  • Leather furniture
  • Mattresses and more!

A professional upholstery cleaning is something to consider, as a way of preventing health problems and extending the lifespan of your expensive furniture.

Get in touch today and you will be enjoying revitalised and clean upholsteries in no time!

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