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  • Guaranteed builders cleaning services all week round
  • Fully insured, qualified and experienced cleaners
  • Advanced equipment and professional detergents
  • Personalised after build cleaning solutions at hourly rates
from $50/hour

Our Prices

Price per hour
Fantastic Club price$49.5*
Standard price$55**

*The minimum for the service is $240

Get Expert After Builders Cleaning in Perth

Why struggle with cleaning the builders’ mess at your fresh-renovated property when you can entrust the job to Fantastic Cleaners Perth? We provide residential and commercial clients with customised construction cleaning solutions, where you decide what needs to be done first.

Choosing our recognisable brand also means that you’ll get the Fantastic Quality Standard, which we apply to every assignment that our experienced franchisees need to complete. This way, you can rest assured that your home or office will be santised thoroughly and with outstanding results, once the tradesmen have packed up and gone.

Our post-renovation cleaning services can be booked easily online or over the phone for a time and day that are convenient for you. We will send a fully equipped after build cleaner who will discuss with you your specific needs. You will be provided with a no obligation price estimate after the cleaner has inspected your property and has assessed the extent of the work.

What the Builders Cleaning Service Includes

Your after build cleaning service in Perth is powered by attention to detail and proficiency. Considering that the type and quantity of cleaning workload involved after a renovation project differs from a general clean, we will assign specifically trained cleaners who boast a high level of diligence that the job usually calls for.

They will follow closely your requirements and prioritise the tasks on your list. These may include:

    • Floors: Hard floors will be vacuumed and mopped after any present builders residuals have been carefully removed (plaster, paint, etc.). Carpeted floors will be vacuumed.
    • Walls: Spot cleaning and builders dust removal will be performed, upon request.
    • Fixed surfaces: From skirting boards, trim work and banisters to shelves, curtain poles, window sills and frames, workbenches and kitchen units, the cleaners will polish them to perfection.
    • Windows: Includes washing the interior side of your windows, balcony doors and interior door windows.
    • Fixtures: Sockets, switches, light fixtures, coat racks, mirrors, glass shelves and more will be wiped.
    • Furniture: Wooden furniture will be polished and upholstered pieces - vacuumed.
    • Bathroom/toilet: The after-renovation cleaners will sanitise all fixtures, bath, shower, toilet, sink, shower screen, cabinets, vanities, etc. and clean the floor and walls.
  • Appliances: Electrical appliances will be cleaned on the outside. If new, they can be wiped on the inside, upon request.

Note: Please, specify in advance if you require assistance with the removal of any builders waste (additional charges apply).

Why Better Leave the Job to the Pros

With years of experience in the field, the Fantastic cleaning experts know how to remove builders residues from any type of surfaces, be it paint streaks on light fixtures or plaster specks on your laminate flooring. They will save you time and effort and most importantly, prevent you from accidentally spoiling the results of your refurbishment if you decided to do the cleaning job yourself.

The cleaners use professional cleaning products and high-end equipment to complete even the trickiest task efficiently and up to your utmost satisfaction. They are insured against damages, so you need not worry about a thing.

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