We are here because you have better things to do

We help you by taking care of your home by offering a great variety of cleaning services. We provide domestic and commercial cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney, the UK and even some cities in the US. Everything is done by professionals using high-quality equipment.
We believe cleaning services could be provided in a more fantastic way. Customers are as important as the technicians and this improves the quality. It is called the Fantastic Philosophy!
We use technology where it works and people where it matters. Through innovation and technology, we are able to provide a high-quality on-demand response to your unique cleaning needs.

The Cleaners

True professionals who are highly motivated to do the job. Trained to do all cleaning aspects, been through extensive training sessions in order to match the Fantastic Standard. And if skills and heart are not enough, they are equipped with high-end tools, detergents, not available in stores.

The Founders

Fantastic Cleaners is really all about providing fantastic experiences. It all started when Rune Sovndahl was looking for a cleaner and met Anton Skarlatov, who was running a cleaning business. United around the simple idea to deliver the best experience possible for both clients and cleaning crews, they founded Fantastic Cleaners. Their vision was to clean up the industry and provide better services for customers.

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