End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney

  • Security bond retrieval guaranteed
  • REA requirements met in full
  • 72 hours to re-clean for free
  • Reliable assistance at short notice
  • No additional cost for weekend bookings
  • No time-limited cleaning service
  • Quality control for a 5-star service
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Leave Your End of Lease Cleaning in Sydney in Our Fantastic Hands

Are you concerned about your end of lease inspection? Don’t move out in a hurry and risk parting needlessly with your security deposit! Getting your bond money back could help you when you rent a new place. Your end of lease cleaning doesn't have to be an overwhelming chore nor do you have to bother your family and friends to lend you a hand.

Fantastic Cleaners Sydney offers a customised bond cleaning solution which incorporates a strict adherence to REA’s cleaning checklists. We can accommodate for a 72-hour guarantee and RE-CLEAN FOR FREE if your landlord has an issue with the condition of the property after our service.

A Dedicated Team of Bond Cleaning Professionals Will Take Care of The Following:

Living room/ dining room: dusting of surfaces, appliances and decoration; vacuuming and mopping floors; carpets and rugs - vacuumed (steam carpet cleaning and a stain removal treatment is available at discounted rates); the furniture is polished; skirting boards, light switches and window sills are wiped cleaned; cobwebs are removed; the internal windows can be washed and blinds - dusted, upon request.

Kitchen: Floors are vacuumed and mopped, benchtops and surfaces - polished; the oven is cleaned inside and out; the cooker top, hops, knobs are wiped clean; kitchen cupboards are cleaned inside and out; the sink area is scrubbed; bins  - washed; all electrical appliances - sanitised. Please, note that we cannot clean your refrigerator and freezer unless they have been defrosted in advance. The cost for this will be integrated into the final price.

Bedrooms:  The floors and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned; any mirrors and pictures - polished; window sills and skirting boards - cleaned; cobwebs are carefully removed. Mattress steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning are available at preferential rates. If you're interested in getting just glass surfaces cleaned, you can opt for our window cleaning service.

Bathroom: The floor is vacuumed and mopped; the sink and sink cabinet - polished; the toilet, shower and bath are disinfected and sanitised; fittings, bathroom accessories, taps and fixtures are wiped clean and dried.

Entryway/corridors: Surfaces, banisters and railings are dusted; floors - vacuumed and mopped.

Additional rooms: Any extra rooms will be returned to a presentable state prior to the upcoming inspection by your landlord or agent. This is not an hourly based service, so we determine the estimate for the job by the amount of workload. For an hourly based service, you can try out our one-off domestic cleaning.

The Sydney End of Lease Cleaners Will Get Your Bond Back on a Plate

Why can you count on the experienced and specially trained move out cleaners? To do a great job and make you a valued and satisfied customer, Fantastic Cleaners Sydney incorporates a working motivation scheme, based on the employee’s job performance and the level of customer satisfaction. We ensure that all cleaning operatives:

  • Go through a two-stage interview process
  • Are background-checked and police cleared
  • Undergo extensive training
  • Have a strong eye for detail
  • Are provided with ongoing support
  • Work with a high-end industry-powered equipment
  • Use safe and tested cleaning detergents and products
  • Are prompt, polite and friendly
  • Boast professional attitude and expertise
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