Oven Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Fire accident prevention
  • Improvement of appliance performance
  • Oven efficiency enhanced
  • No more fumes and smoke
  • Burnt taste removed from meals
  • Reduced energy consumption
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Melbourne Oven Cleaning & Detailing Services

Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne specialises in deep oven cleaning and detailing services that can be brought to you in a matter of days. Short notice bookings are our speciality, so look no further if you are hosting a dinner party tomorrow, and you want your oven sparkling clean.

Once you meet the dedicated team of Fantastic oven technicians and let them bring your appliance to a showroom condition, you can join our reminder service list and get the full benefits of a regular oven maintenance at discounted rates.

Interesting fact:

Self-cleaning ovens work in a very interesting way. They have a pyrolytic ground coat, which reduces the food leftovers to ash by exposing them to temperature around 500 °C. Unfotunately, this cleaning process takes 3 whole hours, which signifficantly reduces the service lifespan of the oven. Also, the release of toxic fumes during the cleaning cycle is a possibility.

It Is More Than Standard Oven Cleaning

We have had customers posing the question: “What do you mean by oven detailing?” Well, the answer is simple. Your appliance is constructed of many individual parts. The detailing service involves dismantling your cooker into all the individual elements that allow to be taken apart. It also includes cleaning of areas, which are hidden, such as behind the self-cleaning liners, behind the fan in convection ovens, above the grill element, or in between the glass panels of the oven door, if the seal is removable. To sum it up - it is oven cleaning in detail and cleaning every detail of your oven.

The main benefits of oven valeting in detail are:

  • Malfunction prevention - fires often start from and around those hidden electrical elements.
  • Improved efficiency - dirty ovens take longer to heat and use more energy.
  • Oven life is extended - a regular oven maintenance at 6-month intervals will reduce the risk of needing repairs.

What to Expect from Your Oven Cleaning Service

Your service will unfold as follows:

  1. The technicians will arrive promptly at your premises anywhere in Melbourne.

(In the unlikely event of them running late, due to heavy traffic, you will be notified at once)

  1.   A free inspection of the appliance is what follows. Depending on the alloy the chamber of your oven is made of, a different type of detergent may need to be applied.
  2.    The floor area around the appliance is then covered with a protective sheet.
  3.    The oven cleaning experts dismantle the cooker into its individual parts (those that can be removed), which are, then, cleaned separately with appropriate detergents.
  4.   The oven chamber is degreased and all carbon deposits are scraped off. Great care is taken, so all hidden places near the electrical elements are reached and cleaned.
  5.    The appliance is then wiped and polished inside and outside, including the stove top, hobs, dials, knobs and fittings.
  6.    The oven door is put back in place, after it has been thoroughly polished inside and out.
  7.    All the racks and trays are placed back, too.
  8.    The technicians test the oven to determine that it is working properly.

Please, note that the service is suitable for a wide range of cooking appliances, in terms of their model, size and the type of fuel they use. We are also certified in cleaning commercial kitchen appliances and industrial ovens.  

And for your outdoor cooking needs and garden recreational moments, do not hesitate to book our professional BBQ cleaning service.

Did you know:

Microwave ovens are direct descendants of radars. The heating capabilities of microwave radiation were discovered accidentally in 1945. Also, studies show, that the food which comes out of the microwave oven is rarely hotter than 100°C, which means that reheating leftover food for only a couple of seconds can cause bacterial contamination and foodborne illness.

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