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  • Environmentally friendly methods
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Our Window Cleaning prices in Perth

Window Cleaning Prices

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TypeOne sideBoth sides
Standard window (up to 1.5m)
Ground floor
Double window (up to 2m)
Ground floor
Standard window (up to 1.5m)
1st floor
Double window (up to 2m)
1st floor


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Cleaning second floor window with a special window cleaning machine

Regular Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning in Perth

Fantastic Cleaners now offers professional regular and one-off window cleaning in Perth that both domestic and business clients can take advantage of all week round.

We have partnered with experienced, qualified and fully insured window cleaning specialists on a franchise basis who are additionally trained to apply our Fantastic Quality Standards in their work.

You can schedule your service by completing the booking form on this website, over the phone or through the live chat option for a time and day that fit your timetable.

The Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning in Perth on a Regular Basis

Our residential and commercial window cleaning in Perth comes on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis, or at intervals that suit your specific needs. So, whether you own a shop on a busy road or a house on the beach, we can help you keep your windows sparkling clean at all times.

A routine window cleaning maintenance ensures:

  1. Extended lifespan - When dust, salty deposits and acidic contaminants are regularly washed off the exterior side of your windows, their original condition is maintained for longer.
  2. Enhanced image - Whether your business reputation is at stake or your home’s exterior is out of sync with the rest of the properties on your street, immaculate looking windows can change that in no time.
  3. More light - Fresh-washed windows instantly increase the quantity of light that permeates inside your property.
  4. Better view - You can’t enjoy the sea view through a smeared glass. It’s simple as that!
  5. Increased property value - You may have no intentions of selling your property any time soon but run down and unmaintained fixtures of your real estate asset will devalue it over time and will cost you more in the long run.
  6. More free time - With our professional assistance, you can cross this chore off your list and spend your free time in a more enjoyable way, instead of worrying about when and how to clean the windows.

How We Do it

From double-hung, bay, awning, egress, round and arched windows to an accessible skylight, conservatory and stained glass windows, our window cleaners in Perth have the expertise to wash them perfectly inside out. We employ eco-friendly techniques that are kind to Nature and safe for your family.

  • Interior windows
    • Floor surfaces and furniture are protected with a sheet;
    • We use ammonia-free detergents and non-toxic products;
    • Tools: scratchless squeegees, paper towel and step ladder;
    • Cleaning of PVC window frames and sills + cobweb removal;
  • Exterior windows
    • Traditional eco-friendly window cleaning methods (for ground floor windows);
    • Employing a water-fed pole system with purified water (for windows above the 2nd floor);
    • Removing cobwebs and washing the frames and ledges if made from PVC;
  • Extras
    • Fly screen cleaning
    • Window/door tracks cleaning.

Just FYI window cleaning can come as part of bigger services - vacate cleaning, builders cleaning, or combined with carpet cleaning

Window cleaning professional, cleaning windows on the outside

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to do anything before the service?
A: The technician will require access to your property and running water. Please, remove any obstacles from the area near your exterior windows, as well as valuables, such as artwork or framed photos, from the window ledges inside your home.
Q: Can I have the window and door tracks cleaned, too?
A: Absolutely. Additional costs apply.
Q: What about the window frames?
A: The window cleaner can wash the frames and sills, as long as they are made from PVC.
Q: Do you provide high-rise window washing services?
A: At present, we do not clean windows located higher than four storeys.
Q: I can’t be at home on the day of my appointment. Can I leave the keys with someone?
A: Of course. Just specify in advance any key pick-up details that the window cleaner should be aware of.
Q: What happens if it rains?
A: A light drizzle usually does not pose problems for us to clean your windows on the outside. Still, for best results, we may recommend that you reschedule your service appointment for another day.
Q: Do you operate on weekends?
A: Yes. You can easily request information about our weekend availability for your location in Perth online or over the phone.
Q: Can I have a front wall washed as well?
A: For this task, you need to book our high-pressure cleaning service, which employs a different type of equipment.
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