Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Professional HWE cleaning equipment
  • Fully qualified and insured specialists
  • Allergy relief cleaning methods
  • Extending your mattress lifespan
  • Easy booking options & 7-day availability
  • Special deals with the Fantastic Club
from $50/ mattress

Our Prices

Mattress typeFantastic Club*Standard
Single size mattress$43$50
Double size mattress$60$70
Queen size mattress$68$80
King size mattress$77$90
Minimum for the service$91$95

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No more sleepless nights when you book our mattress cleaning in Melbourne

Are you tossing and turning in bed every night? Then, maybe, it’s time to book a professional mattress cleaning service today. Dust accumulation, sweat marks and other types of stains occur naturally on your mattress over time. So, regular airing and sanitising of your bed piece is important to prevent bacteria growth and a possible dust mites invasion.

We, at Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne, offer expert mattress cleaning solutions, which can be booked separately or in combination with other services. For instance, you can request a good clean of your upholstered furniture, as well, and benefit from a discount.

How We Do It?

Upon arrival at your property, the cleaning technician will set his equipment up and discuss with you any specific requests you may have. He’ll execute the service in the following steps:

  1. Your mattress(es) will be carefully cleaned with a powerful vacuum cleaning machine, first. This will not only remove pet hair, dead skin flakes and dust but also any minuscule pests, such as dust mites.
  2. The cleaning specialist will inspect the mattress for any stains and marks and will apply a special detergent to help dissolve the spots.
  3. Then, he’ll clean the bed piece with a hot water extraction cleaning equipment, which will extract the dirt and almost all the moisture, leaving you with a nearly dry mattress.
  4. The Fantastic pro will instruct you on the drying time and provide you with further cleaning maintenance advice, upon request.

Why Choose Our Professional Mattress Cleaning

Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne has years of experience in providing effective and high-standard domestic cleaning solutions. And mattress cleaning is no exception. We take special care of your individual requirements and needs, especially when it comes to the use of professional non-toxic cleaning products, which don’t cause any adverse effects on sensitive or allergic clients.

We work with fully trained, qualified and insured professional cleaners, who are long experienced in the most contemporary, child- and pet-friendly cleaning methods. The Fantastic pros are customer-oriented, helpful and polite, so don’t hesitate to share any of your questions or concerns that may arise during the service.

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