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Carpet Cleaning That Eliminates Stubborn Stains

Have you window-shopped for some colourful floor mats, so you can cover those unsightly carpet stains? There is no need for that! Brisbane’s carpet cleaning specialists are on hand to assist you!
We provide professional deep cleaning solutions for all types of delicate rugs, carpets and mats. Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane works with reliable cleaning operatives, who boast expertise in proven carpet sanitation and stain removal methods. Depending on the type of carpet you have and the condition that is in, you can benefit from our carpet steam cleaning method or carpet dry cleaning solutions anywhere in Brisbane.

Carpet Steam Cleaning for Deeply Ingrained Stains

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning (steam cleaning) is a specialised technique for sanitising carpets and upholstered furniture. It deep cleans the fibres of the textile by using hot water under high pressure (steam) and a softener that dissolve all contaminants. The moisture is then extracted up to 95%, along with the dirt and grime, with the help of a powerful carpet cleaning machine.
The required drying time is usually between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the type of fabric and whether you have a loop or cut pile carpet.

The process comprises:The equipment and cleaning accessories:
Thorough vacuumingHigh-performance vacuum cleaner
Testing the pH of stale and fresh stainspH testing kit
Pre-treatment of stains

Suitable solvent

Steam cleaning       

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine

Carpet protection treatment, if requested 

Scotchgard Carpet Protector

Regular steam cleaning at six months intervals is recommended for medium to high traffic areas in domestic environments. Carpeting in commercial settings may require the touch of a professional carpet cleaner up to four times per year.

Please, note that we offer a reminder service at regular intervals which ensures that you never miss your professional carpet cleaning session.

Take Advantage of our Specialised Dry Cleaning 

The dry cleaning method is designed for more delicate textiles and when drying time is an issue. Additionally, the technique is suitable for carpeting, which does not suffer from stubborn stains or it is not subjected to high traffic, such as bedrooms, guest rooms or studies. Carpet dry cleaning can be also applied on a more regular basis, as the method is proven to be gentle on the fabric. Whether you choose the dry foam cleaning service or the dry powder cleaning technique, the procedure is not that different with respect to the end result.
What to expect from the service:

  1. The carpet cleaners will inspect your flooring and will recommend the most suitable method to apply.
  2. All areas will be then vacuumed with an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any dust build-up and hard particles.
  3. Pre-treatment of stains will be applied, if necessary.
  4. Special foam carpet cleaner or dry powdered solvent is then used to encapsulate surface pollutants (waiting time is required).
  5. Suitable equipment is then employed: 
  • a powerful vacuum cleaning machine to remove foam, together with dissolved grime or
  • a specialised bonnet machine that works the dry solvent via a rotating mechanism (or rotating brushes)

      6. Scotchgard Carpet Protector is recommended to prolong the life of your carpets. It acts effectively as pollutant and stain repellent. Additional fee applies here.

Your carpet is completely disinfected and can be used immediately after the service. Hardly any moisture use is incorporated in this method, hence your flooring is dry and safe to walk on.

Fantastic Rug Cleaning in Brisbane from Real Experts

If you decide to clean your expensive, antique or somewhat delicate rugs yourself, this may result in you damaging them inadvertently. There is a risk of shrinking or your rugs may suffer from unwanted discolouration. You can count on our fantastic rug cleaning specialists in Brisbane to take care of your favourite carpeting.

We use only gentle cleaning solutions, which are not available over the counter. They are not harsh on the fabric and will make your mats, rugs and throws look as new again.

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