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  • Improved air quality & healthy home environment
  • Easier maintenance after a deep carpet treatment
  • Professional stain and odour removal
  • Protection that prevents bacteria and allergen build ups
  • Expert restoration of delicate rugs
  • Safe and efficient carpet cleaning solutions
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How About a Fantastic Deal?

Professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane that fights all stains

Are you looking for a trustworthy cleaning pro who can bring the life back into your carpets and rugs? Then you've come to the right place!

The fantastic cleaning pros  specialise in deep carpet cleaning and stain removal, and they operate 7 days a week in the Brisbane area. 

We can save you the money of investing in new floor coverings by making your wool and synthetic carpets bright and clean again. We can also take good care of any delicate Persian, Oriental, plush, sisal, silk and other rugs for you. 

Benefits of Our Steam Cleaning for Your Carpets

Are you struggling to remove bad odours and stubborn stains from carpets or heavily soiled upholstered furniture?  Then, steam cleaning is definitely the way to go.

Carpet steam (hot water extraction) cleaning is a professional technique, which we will use for deep cleaning the fibres of your carpeting.

We will combine hot water under high pressure (steam) and a softener that will break down all contaminants.

The used water is extracted up to 95%, along with the dust, grime and all bacteria. This contributes to an easier drying process, so you can walk on your carpets as soon as possible.  

Here are just a few perks of choosing our carpet steam cleaning treatment in Brisbane:

  • You won't have to invest in new carpeting any time soon, as such type of specialised cleaning extends carpet life.
  • The air quality in your home will significantly improve! The steam cleaning machine will free your carpets from the nasty pollutants.
  • Struggling to get stains out will be just a memory! We provide special protection, at additional cost, that can preserve the carpet's fabric, making sure that spills blot up before turning into stains.

Although some drying time may be required, you can rest assured that all dangerous contaminants will be safely extracted. 

How will your professional carpet cleaning service go:

  1. The specialist will do an inspection first to determine the state of pollution and the best way to clean your carpet.
  2. A detailed vacuuming will be done with a high-performance cleaning machine. 
  3. The carpet cleaners will test the Ph of any fresh or stale stains and treat them with a special solution to ensure their successful removal. High traffic areas will be treated, too. 
  4. The pros will proceed to steam clean you carpets. 
  5. Scotchgard carpet protection can be applied, upon request. The product will help increase the fabric's resistance to staining and make looking after your carpets easier in the future.
  6. Some drying time may be required (3 to 6 hours), but you can easily speed up the process by providing extra ventilation in the room. 

Whether you need professional carpet cleaning per room or more extensive sanitation, we are up for the challenge!

We service Brisbane's northside, westside and more. Just check for available carpet cleaners in your area by calling our friendly agents! 

Professional Rug Cleaning and Restoration in Brisbane 

DIY cleaning of expensive, antique or somewhat delicate rugs may result in accidental damaging of the fabric. Shrinking or unwanted discolouration is something to look out for, which could happen when more aggressive detergents are used. 

Why risk it when your nearby rug cleaner is just a phone call away?

We treat all types of rugs with extra care. Especially Oriental and Persian that are known for their vivid colouring and special material. We are also familiar with the wool, silk and the specifics of any synthetic fabrics. 

Take advantage of our rug steam cleaning today and walk safely on fresh and clean carpeting!

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