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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne for a Fresher Home

Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne is one of the well-known domestic help providers in the city. Our carpet cleaning and stain removal services are highly sought after, thanks to the advanced equipment and techniques they incorporate.

We also specialise in rug and mat cleaning, by employing only gentle to the fabric cleaning detergents.

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How much does carpet cleaning in Melbourne cost?

Vacuuming, pre-spray and stain pre-treatment, all materials, equipment and labour are included in the price. Stain protection, deodorising and sanitising are available upon request.

How Water Extraction

Synthetic/mixed (microfibre, man-made, polyester), wool, etc.

The minimum price for Fantastic Club members starts from $45 instead of $85

Living/ Dining Room$45
Flight of Stairs$30

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How Does Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Work?

  1. Easily arrange your appointment online. Simply click the BOOK ONLINE button on the top right of the page and follow the steps to arrange your service.
  2. Meet the expert on the spot. A fully equipped carpet cleaning technician will come to your address on the date and the time you have specified. In case they are late because of heavy traffic, you will be notified via SMS.
  3. We perform full inspection & cleaning. We closely examine the fibre of each carpet or rug. The technician will determine the best possible cleaning solutions for the specific materials your items are made of. Then he will vacuum the carpet, pre-treat any stains and proceed to steam clean them using a special machine and an industrial vacuum. This is especially helpful when doing end of lease cleaning
  4. You can enjoy the long-lasting results. What you get is more than just refreshed carpets. You get improved air quality in the property, and therefore better health for you and your family. The items might even look as good as new and this will bring a better overall feel in your home.

You can get it with your domestic cleaning services too.

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Carpet cleaning

We use a highly efficient hot water extraction carpet cleaning machine. It rinses your carpeted areas with hot water and a cleaning solution designed for the specific fabric. Then it extracts the moisture (up to 95%) along with the dissolved dirt and grime. It’s an effective stain removal method, because it can reach deep into the fabric and take care of stains settled in the padding.

Hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning) is suitable for most types modern synthetic carpeting, high-traffic areas around the house, carpets in commercial buildings, and items which are deeply soiled and affected from stubborn, old stains. The drying time after a steam clean is between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the room temperature.

Here’s a general list of the carpet fabrics, which can be steam cleaned:

  • 100% wool – it’s an expensive and easily damaged fabric, very absorbent.
  • Nylon – the most popular carpet fibre, resistant to moisture and traffic.
  • Polyester – very durable, greasy stains can be hard to remove.
  • Acrylic – stain and sunlight resistant, not as durable as nylon and polyester.
  • Polypropylene – very popular, easily cleaned and doesn’t shrink.

Pro tip:

You can easily check the quality of your carpeting and rugs by folding the back side of the carpet onto itself, and checking the density of the yarns at the fold. If you can see a lot of the backing through the yarns, then the carpet is low quality.

The rug sanitation process depends on the type of rug you have and the fibre.

Silk, cotton and synthetic rugs require a standard cleaning procedure. It includes an inspection of the rug, pH testing of all the stains, dry vacuuming, an initial washing and pre-treating of any stubborn marks and agitation using a rotary brush. Then the cleaners apply either hot water extraction or dry cleaning. Oriental, Persian, shag and silk rugs may require some additional care, like using a special rug cleaning detergent, or grooming after the whole process is done.

The technicians hired by Fantastic are fully trained. They patch-test and determine the most suitable cleaning solution for your rug cleaning service, to ensure the fabric won’t get damaged. They use safe shampoos and detergents, which are not harsh on the fabric or your home environment. The procedure freshens up and rejuvenates the colours of all kinds of mats and rugs.

Spills and food drops happen all the time, especially with kids around the house. We provide solutions, which will help you protect your carpet from such accidents. Our stain repellent option works like magic at keeping the stubborn stains at bay.

The best time to apply the Scotchgard Protector is right after the hot water extraction clean. It helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-remove stains.

Here are the key benefits Scotchgard provides:

  • Helps protect against oil and water based stains;
  • The carpet and rug fibres resist soiling more efficiently;
  • Adds a protective layer, so you can blot up spills before they become stains;
  • The stains come off more easily when the carpet is cleaned;
  • Dirt is easier to be picked-up during vacuuming.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does the service take?

    A: The duration of the carpet cleaning service depends on the general condition of your carpets and rugs, the total size of carpeting which needs to be cleaned, and the type and size of the stains, if there are any. If you’ve tried to remove the stains yourself, this can also prolong the time the technicians will need to clean them properly. Some average time values are: 30-40 minutes for one bedroom, 50-60 minutes for two bedrooms, and around 70-80 minutes for two bedrooms and a hall or stairs.

  • Q: Are the detergents you use safe for my family and me?

    A: We use tested cleaning products in all our work, they are eco-friendly, biodegradable and allow us to get rid of all kinds of stains without increasing your carbon footprint. There are no toxic fumes generated during the process of cleaning, and all the formulas are constantly monitored for quality and for their environmental impact. We use products which are safe for you, your kids and pets at home, as well as for the clients and employees at your workplace, and for Mother Nature in general.

  • Q: How often should I have my carpets deep-cleaned?

    A: Well, this depends on how much foot traffic they are getting. However, we'd say at least once every six months is a good practice.

  • Q: How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

    A: It really depends on the type of carpet fabric, the ventilation in the room, as well as the pile type and thickness. The regular carpets usually dry for around 3-4 hours, while wool carpets can take up to 6 hours to dry, especially if they are furry. If the conditions in the room seem to make drying difficult, the carpet cleaning technician can bring an air mover (for free) to speed up the drying process.

  • Q: Are your technicians insured?

    A: Yes, all our technicians are background checked and fully insured with Public Liability.

  • Q: Do you take the carpet away to be cleaned elsewhere?

    A: No, our advanced equipment allows us to clean your carpet and rugs right where they are.

  • Q: My carpet smells really bad. Will you be able to remove the bad odour?

    A: Yes, the carpet cleaning technician will carefully examine your item and implement the most suitable cleaning method in order to deodourise it effectively.

  • Q: What is the best carpet cleaning method for pet stains?

    A: Pet accidents are a very common reason why people book our services. The alkaline salts in pet urine absorb moisture from the air and they never truly dry, no matter how hard you blot, and spraying these stains with air fresheners and other fragrant cleaning products doesn’t really help with the smell, it makes it even stronger. For pet stains and other similar types of spots, we will start by applying some Stain Pro, which is a heavy-duty water and solvent based alkaline protein spotter for blood, vomit, urine, wine, ink and most food-based stains. Then we would recommend steam cleaning, if the carpet type allows it.

  • Q: Do you treat for fleas on carpets?

    A: It’s not included in the general carpet cleaning service, but if you have a problem with fleas or any other kind of pests in your carpets and home, we have a great team of pest controllers we can arrange for you. Just give us a call to discuss the details.

  • Q: Do you move furniture?

    A: Our technicians can move some smaller pieces of furniture out of the way, like coffee tables or chairs. But if you want the carpets below big segments, wardrobes and other massive pieces to be cleaned as well, you should prepare the area in advance. Otherwise they can also clean around these, it’s not a problem.

  • Q: Can I book carpet cleaning for my workplace?

    A: Yes, this service can be booked for pretty much any office and commercial venue.

  • Q: Can I get some sort of deal or a discount?

    A: Yes, simply visit our Fantastic Club page and find out more about all the amazing benefits it brings you.

  • Q: How does the carpet protection procedure work?

    A: Basically, a special substance is applied on the pile of the item. So when a spill occurs, it does not allow for the stain to settle and cleaning is much easier afterward.

  • Q: Do you give any guarantees?

    A: While we would love to give you a complete guarantee every single time, carpet stains are not an exact science, and sometimes if the carpets are too heavily soiled and the stains have reached the padding, they can reappear on the surface after some time. In such hard cases our technicians do their best to remove as many stains as possible, but we can’t provide a 100% guarantee that the carpet will look the same way it did when you bought it. We provide many tips and options to protect your carpets from future stains, though. This will help you enjoy them for longer.

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