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Express Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Melbourne

Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne is one of the well known cleaning service providers in the city. Our professional carpet cleaning and stain removal services are sought after for the advanced and eco-friendly solutions and techniques they incorporate.

We also specialise in rug cleaning and restoration by employing only gentle to the fabric safe cleaning detergents.

The carpet cleaning methods we employ are:

      • Steam cleaning - We use a high-end carpet hot water extraction cleaning machine, which rinses your carpeting with hot water and an appropriate cleaning solution and then, extract the moisture up to 95%, along with the dissolved soiling. It is an effective stain removal method, which cleans the carpet fibres deeply. Drying time of 2 to 4 hours is required. The steam cleaning technique is suitable for most modern synthetic carpeting, high-traffic floorings, commercial carpets and carpets, which are particularly contaminated and suffer from stubborn and deeply ingrained stains.
      • Dry cleaning - The carpet cleaners employ a bonnet rotary machine, which works a dry solvent into the carpet layers. The method uses some moisture, however, the drying time is minimal. The technique can be employed at more regular periods and it is also recommended for less contaminated or delicate carpets. Moreover, the bonnet cleaning method is a prefered carpet cleaning choice, when drying time is an issue.
      • Rug cleaning - The technicians are fully trained to patch-test and determine the most suitable cleaning solution for your Persian rug. They use safe shampoos and detergents, which are not harsh on the fabric. The results are freshened up mats and rugs with rejuvenated colours.

Pro tip:

You can easily check the quality of your carpeting and rugs by folding the back side of the carpet onto itself, and checking the density of the yarns at the fold. If you can see a lot of the backing through the yarns, then the carpet is low quality.

The Straightforward Carpet Cleaning Process Step by Step

      1. The cleaners put on protective overshoes and inspect the carpets to determine the most appropriate cleaning method, taking into consideration the style and material of the carpeting.
      2. Any present stains are pH-tested and pretreated with a suitable carpet cleaning solution.
      3. Then, the selected deep cleaning method is performed - steam cleaning or dry cleaning.
      4. Carpet protection is applied, upon request, at additional cost.
      5. Free aftercare advice is also available upon request.

Please, note that discounts apply if you combine your carpet cleaning service with an upholstery cleaning or mattress cleaning, where the same high-end equipment is employed.

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