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Our Prices

Price per hour
Fantastic Club price$41*
Standard price$45**

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** Our minimum fee is $140 for 3h of cleaning and every extra hour is $45 per cleaner

A Clean Home is a Fantastic Home!

Personalised One-off Cleaning Solutions in Perth

Having a party? Let us take the headache out of the hangover equation! Fantastic Cleaners Perth will come to the rescue with a customised one-off cleaning solution that meets your express requirements.

You can also book us to assist you with your spring cleaning project any time. Furthermore, we specialise in emergency cleanings at short notice. So as long as we have an available team, you could be looking at a same-day or next-day professional assistance with bringing your property to a spotlessly clean state.

Whatever the circumstances, we will arrive promptly at your premises and get down to business.

Get to Know the One-off Cleaning Team

We are delighted to introduce you to the dedicated professionals, who are part of the one-off cleaning teams. The guys and gals boast experience and a strong work ethic. They are fully vetted and pre-screened, so any time wasters have been sifted through during the two-stage interviewing process.

You can count on your one-off cleaners being qualified and professionally trained in the same way we trust them to make you another of our happy customers. The cleaning technicians are comprehensively insured against damages, so you can rest assured that in the case of mishaps with your property, you will be fully compensated.

The cleaners operate with ease a wide range of high-performance and industry-grade equipment and tools. They use child and pet safe eco-friendly cleaning agents.

The Checklist for Your One-off/Spring/Pre-sale Cleaning Service

When you book a one-off cleaning service with us, you can modify what takes place in the process to suit your specific situation. The cleaning tasks may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The bathroom: sink, toilet, under sink cabinet are sanitised; fixtures, fittings and taps are cleaned; bathtub, shower & screen - cleaned, floor is vacuumed and mopped, mirrors are polished; spot cleaning of reachable tiles.
  2. The kitchen: sink, surfaces, benchtops are cleaned; cupboards are polished; electrical appliances - sanitised, floor - cleaned, bins - bin bags replaced; window sills, skirting boards - dusted; cleaning the inside of the appliances is available upon request at additional changes;
  3. The living room: surfaces & furniture, window sills - polished, floors and carpet (vacuumed & mopped); skirting boards, cabinets & shelves - dusted, cobwebs are removed.
  4. The bedrooms: floors (vacuumed & mopped); all surfaces are dusted, including mirrors, pictures, window sills, skirting boards; removal of cobwebs.
  5. Hallway & stairs: floor is vacuumed and mopped; banisters, railings, surfaces are dusted.
  6. Additional rooms: game rooms, studies, guest rooms, dining rooms, attics, basements, conservatories can be spruced up.
  7. Additional tasks: professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, window cleaning (inside and outside), cleaning of the fridge & freezer, dishwasher, etc.; oven cleaning, steam cleaning of all mattresses.

Please, note that the service is hourly based. Your customised quotation comes with no obligation to commit. The price estimate is based on the workload with regards to general cleaning tasks. This is reflected in the recommended duration of the service (the number of hours the job would take). Additionally, specialised cleaning tasks, such as oven, window cleaning or carpet cleaning can be incorporated in the service at preferential rates. Moreover, you can make the appointment regular, if you're pleased with the service. Finally, you can always book vacate cleaning if you need your bond back.

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