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  • Allergen removal & thorough disinfection
  • High-end professional cleaning machines
  • Prolonging the life of your bed piece
  • Reliable, prompt & fully trained technicians
  • All-week-round service availability

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Mattress Cleaning Sydney Prices

Mattress Cleaning Prices

Mattress typeStandard
Single size mattress$50
Double size mattress$70
Queen size mattress$80
King size mattress$90
Minimum for the service$95

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Leave the hard work to us and get mattress cleaning in Sydney

Fantastic Cleaners Sydney specialises in professional mattress cleaning solutions, which will bring the high-standard result you expect. Regardless of whether you have a latex, memory foam or a pillow top mattress, the cleaning experts will sanitise it by using specialised equipment and products.

We work with qualified, vetted and experienced local cleaners, who are friendly, hard-working and have strong attention to detail. They can also provide you with professional advice on how to maintain your bed furnishing clean for longer.

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Mattress cleaning

The Importance of Having Your Mattress Cleaned Professionally

So, why changing your sheets alone is not enough to make sure you sleep in a clean bed?

With everyday use, your bed furnishing soaks sweat and accumulates a mix of dust and dead skin cells. Dust also contains minute pests (dust mites), which can trigger an adverse reaction in more sensitive or outright allergic people. Add liquid or food spills, child wetting or pet accidents, and you have the perfect environment for germs and all sorts of bacteria to develop over time on your bed piece surface.

By booking a professional to do the mattress cleaning for you on a regular basis, instead of doing the job yourself, you’ll ensure that all types of soiling, including hard-to-remove stains, are effectively eliminated with guaranteed results. This is because not all store-bought products or homemade cleaning solutions can handle every type of stain or are suitable for use on every type of material. Moreover, by using a professional and insured service, you’ll be able to enjoy your bed that very same night, due to the methods employed and the quicker drying time that applies after the cleaning process.

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What the Professional Mattress Cleaning Process Involves

We employ highly effective mattress cleaning techniques. So, this is what you can expect on the day of your appointment:

  • The cleaner arrives promptly to your address and brings all the equipment and cleaning supplies that he needs to complete the job.
  • He will remove all hard particles and dust from your mattress with a powerful vacuum cleaning machine.
  • Then, the pro will treat any marks and stains with a suitable stain removal product.
  • Your mattress will be, then, fully cleaned with a professional hot water extraction equipment, which will leave it almost dry, as 95% of the moisture is extracted in the process.

Fantastic Cleaners specialize in a wide range of cleaning services you can choose from.

Combine mattress cleaning with carpet and upholstery cleaning, end of lease cleaning, window cleaning or after construction cleaning.

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Professional Mattress Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will the service eliminate dust mites?

    A: Yes. Vacuuming, followed by cleaning the mattress with an effective hot water extraction cleaning machine, will remove any dust mites from your bed piece.

  • Q: Are the cleaning products you use child- and pet-friendly?

    A: The hot water extraction method uses hardly any detergents, so rest assured that the procedure is done with your family’s and pets’ well-being in mind.

  • Q: Does the cleaning method remove all types of stains?

    A: The technicians will pre-treat any stains with a professional stain removal product before proceeding with the overall cleaning of your bed piece. Our methods aim to fight successfully even the most stubborn marks. Still, for best results, make sure that you address spills and accidents straightaway to reduce the risk of permanent staining on your mattress.

  • Q: Can I book the service at short notice?

    A: Yes. We’ll do our best to send a pro, subject to our availability for your location. Note that the sooner you request a service, the bigger chance you can schedule an appointment for a day that is convenient for you.

  • Q: Do you charge the same price for cleaning both sides of the mattress?

    A: Yes. We do not charge extra if the bottom side of the mattress also needs cleaning.

  • Q: Do you have any tips on how to make my mattress dry quicker after it has been steam cleaned?

    A: Our best advice is to facilitate the drying process by switching on the AC unit, by turning on the heating system or by opening the windows, depending on what the outside temperature is at that moment.

  • Q: Are the cleaners insured?

    A: Absolutely. Our company and the cleaning technicians, we work with, are fully insured against accidental damage to your property or possessions.

  • Q: Do you apply any cancellation charges?

    A: No, unless you fail to notify us about your change of plans at least 48 hours in advance.

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