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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Brighton, Melbourne

Dust, pollen, pet hair and bacteria are “soaked” by your carpets every day and standard vacuuming cannot always get rid of the dirt completely. This is why you should resort to professional carpet cleaning now and again, especially if you have kids, pets or lots of visitors on a regular basis.

Fantastic Cleaners Brighton, Melbourne provides a range of specialised cleaning solutions to local clients, including hot water extraction carpet and rug cleaning at affordable rates.

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What Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Brighton a Great Choice

By booking a fully insured and experienced local carpet cleaning technician with us, you’ll be getting various service perks along with the benefits that come with having your carpets and rugs professionally deep cleaned:

  • We use high-end hot water extraction equipment.
  • You can join our membership club by calling us and get your carpet treated at much lower rates.
  • We operate on workdays, weekends and national holidays.
  • Our customer care team is always ready to answer your questions.
  • The technicians, we work with, are experienced in removing all sorts of stains (blood, pet urine, vomit, coffee, wine, etc.)
  • We can apply a fibre protection solution and deodorise your carpet, post-service, at a small additional cost.
  • Your carpet’s lifespan will be extended for you to enjoy for longer.
  • By removing allergens, such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander, indoor air quality is significantly improved.
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Carpet cleaning provided by Fantastic carpet cleaner

How Does Fantastic Carpet Cleaning Service Work?

On the arranged day, the carpet cleaner will bring their equipment and cleaning products. The technician will appreciate if they could park near your property. So, be kind to arrange this for them! Then, the carpeting will be vacuumed, first, so that all hard particles and dust are removed. High-foot traffic areas and stains will be treated with the right product, based on the type of marks and blemishes.

Subsequently, the carpet cleaner will use their powerful high-pressure, hot water extraction machine, which will leave you with a carpet that is refreshed, brighter than before and free of bacteria, allergens, dirt and stains. The equipment is designed to suck out up to 95% of the moisture, used in the cleaning process, which means that the floor covering will be almost dry. It takes on average about 4 hours for it to dry completely but this will depend on the temperature of the room, its humidity levels and on the type of material your carpet is made of.

Carpet protection is an additional solution for your rugs that can be applied, upon request, as mentioned above. The product by Scotchgard, we use, will extend the life of your soft floorings by protecting them against food and liquid stains, should a spillage or a pet accident happens.

Want Another Service at a Discounted Rate?

You can easily request another specialised cleaning service along with your deep carpet cleaning service and get rewarded by paying less.

  1. Mattresses get covered in all types of bacteria, as well as dead skin, bodily fluids and more. - Get professional mattress steam cleaning for healthier sleep!
  2. Smudges on windows are not great to look at and they reduce the amount of sunlight permeating through the glass indoors. - Book our expert window cleaning service!
  3. Get yourself on your landlord’s good side by deep cleaning his wall-to-wall carpet! - Our end of lease cleaning can be booked with carpet cleaning at special rates.
  4. Stained carpets? Stained sofas and armchairs? - Combine our carpet and upholstery cleaning services to save time, money and effort!
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Carpet Cleaning

Local Carpet Cleaners Near You

Carpet cleaning is one of our many services we offer, with a full coverage of Melbourne. So, you can count on local cleaning experts, who can swiftly come to your home address or place of business to perform the service and restore imaculate look of your carpets. See below some of the top places in the city and the surrounding areas with the highest demand for our carpet cleaning solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you clean my carpet on a public holiday?

    A: Yes. Fantastic Cleaners Brighton near Melbourne provides cleaning services 7 days a week, even on national holidays.

  • Q: How effective is your carpet protection product?

    A: We’ve been using Scotchgard for a number of years exactly because of the product’s proven stain-repellent properties.

  • Q: Can you deal with wine stains?

    A: Yes. The professional carpet cleaners are experienced and skilled to eliminate various types of stains from your carpet, as long as they have not been treated incorrectly beforehand.

  • Q: Do I need to provide anything before the service?

    A: No. The technicians bring everything they need to complete the service. Just arrange access to your property and a parking spot in close proximity, as their equipment is rather heavy.

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