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  • Expert gutter cleaning with one month guarantee
  • High definition before & after gutter images
  • Protection against leaks and pest infestations
  • Up-to-date equipment and cleaning methods
  • Skilled pros who carry public liability insurance
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Seasonal Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne with Fantastic Cleaners

Autumn is not just a spectacle of colours. Its inevitable blanket of leaves, branches, and other debris can and will clog even the widest of gutters. When this happens, count on our professional gutter cleaning in Melbourne to avoid expensive rooftop repairs and deny various pests a chance to settle in.

Interesting fact:

The failure to clean your gutters regularly, can result not only in damage to the guttering system and roof, but it can also cause damage inside your walls, the foundations of the house, as well as any adjoining structures, like garages and sheds. The prolonged gutter clogging can even damage the surrounding landscape over time.

What to Expect From The Gutter Cleaning Service?

The skilled experts specialise in unclogging gutters and downspouts of any commercial or residential property that is up to three storeys high. Here are a few reasons why you should get the Melbourne gutter cleaning pros on board:

  • Prevent excess water from seeping through your property's foundations;
  • Keep the pests at bay by dealing with decaying leaves in a timely manner;
  • Count on a professional who is covered by full public liability insurance;
  • Benefit from a ladderless and detergent-free gutter cleaning approach;
  • Check the condition of your gutters with high definition before & after pictures.

Gutter Cleaning in Melbourne Made Nice and Easy

To keep your drainage system working at all times, we recommend booking our regular services once to twice a year.

The dexterous specialists can then arrive on a day of your preference to restore the normal water flow inside your gutters and downpipes. The team will carry all the necessary equipment, such as buckets, gloves, rubbish bags, and a special gutter leaf blower to remove branches, cockroach nests, and other obstacles from your guttering system.

Keep in mind that our service is also covered by a one-month guarantee, so make sure to call the Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne for a free re-clean in case our initial session did not bring any improvements.

The Technology Behind Our Gutter Cleaning Service

The cleaning crew will arrive in a special van, equipped with gutter scoops, grabbers and blowers. Stretching up to 12 metres in height, this equipment allows the technicians to reach every corner of your gutters and remove all debris without the need to climb a ladder.

Please note: Our gutter cleaning services in Melbourne do not include unclogging of downpipes below the ground, nor cleaning of gutters with gutter guards.

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