Premium Curtain Cleaning Services in Melbourne

  • Tested and safe cleaning methods and products
  • Prolonged curtain lifespan and added protection
  • Cleaning performed on-site for your convenience
  • Local professionals with years of experience
  • Flexible time-slots and booking 7 days a week

Freshen up the look of your curtains in Melbourne

Have your curtains lost their radiance? The Fantastic cleaners have vast knowledge and experience when it comes to cleaning and maintaining curtains throughout Melbourne. The local specialists are committed to delivering a service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The cleaning team can revitalise all curtains made from various fabrics.

Given the particular type, length, and fabric that make up your selected curtains, the Fantastic experts can provide a cleaning service that is suitable for them. To bring your curtains back to life, book a service via our online booking form or our GoFantastic app.

Curtain Cleaning in Progress
Curtain Cleaning Process

Why trust our professional curtain cleaning service?

There is an ocean of cleaning companies to choose from, so why Fantastic Cleaners?

We implement high-end cleaning methods, executed by experienced, insured local technicians, equipped with specialised tools and products. By turning to a skilled professional, you’re guaranteed excellent results, more free time, and curtains that look as good as new!

Dust, pollen, dust mites, or even mould spores can be found trapped in your curtains. Poor indoor air quality can, in turn, cause various health issues. Turn to a professional to deal with these culprits and better the environment in your home along with its appearance.

How do we execute the curtain cleaning service in Melbourne?

A specialist will arrive at your property on the day of the appointment, carrying industry-grade equipment and cleaning supplies. The professional will inspect the style, material, and condition of your curtains and choose the most suitable treatment. Natural fabrics or colourfast synthetic will undergo steam cleaning (hot water extraction).

The curtain cleaning will be performed in the following steps:

- Vacuuming - The specialist will remove dust and other hard particles by vacuuming the curtains with the soft brush upholstery attachment.
- Stain pre-treatment - The technician will pre-treat stains, if any, with professional detergents to ensure optimal results.
- Cleaning - The curtains will then be steam cleaned, resulting in spotless curtains and providing fabric protection.
- Deodorising - As a final touch, the Fantastic cleaner will deodorise your curtains.

The technicians always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and only use suitable cleaning methods to avoid the risk of damaging your curtains.

What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if my curtains are damaged by one of the cleaners?
A: Our company is fully insured, so you will be compensated for the troubles if something goes wrong.
Q: Do you use harsh chemicals that may be harmful to sensitive people?
A: No. Our cleaning methods only require minimal use of detergents, as hot water extraction is the focus of the service.
Q: Should I choose hot water extraction or dry cleaning for my curtains?
A: The specialists we work with are experienced and knowledgeable, so rest assured they will advise you on the best cleaning method for your curtains.
Q: Can I book a weekend appointment?
A: Yes. We offer cleaning services 7 days a week, including national holidays.
Q: Do you clean the curtains off-site?
A: No, the curtain cleaning service is only performed on location.
Q: Is there anything I need to do before the service?
A: The cleaners will bring any equipment and detergents they need, so you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is clear the area around your drapes of anything that might get in the way - photos, clutter, decorations, etc.
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Restore the appearance of your curtains with Fantastic Cleaners!