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Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Narre Warren - leave the hard work to the experts!

Carpet Cleaning Narre WarrenDo you look at old pictures of your carpet and shed a tear or two when you see how fresh and spotless it looked before? Don’t worry, there is still hope! Fantastic carpet cleaning services in Narre Warren are specially designed to revive old rugs and carpets to their initial, beautiful state. Working only with trained experts in the carpet cleaning business and using only industry-approved detergents, we always strive to provide the best quality of work to our customers.

Why go with Fantastic Carpet Cleaning in Narre Warren?

An unkempt carpet or rug can do a lot of damage to a person’s home. Carpet fibres tend to hold a lot of airborne pollutants that seriously affect the quality of the air. We understand what problems a neglected carpet can cause and we know how to take care of them.

Our trained and vetted technicians work with special high-end equipment that can remove most types of stains such as food, blood, vomit, wine, built-up dirt. Book your appointment for any day of the week and if you need to reschedule or change something in your service, call our 24/7 Customer Service department. They will be more than happy to advise you! The quote is absolutely free and the final price will include all the professional detergents, labour and time of the technician.

How is a carpet cleaning service performed?

Every carpet is different, of course, and when we clean, we always try to tailor the procedure to the specific situation and needs of our customers. The carpet or rug is always power vacuumed to take care of all loose dirt and dust. If there are any stains on the carpet, the technician will pre-treat them with a suitable cleaning solution so that they can be cleaned up properly with the machine afterwards.

The hot water extraction machine, also known as a steam cleaning machine, actually has a very simple technology. It works in a way that a mixture of heated water and carpet detergent is injected in the carpet fibres through a hose, under high pressure. Immediately after, 95% of the moisture is extracted from the carpet along with all the dirt built-up. And that’s it! With this technique, you will see immediate results and enjoy a fresh-smelling and looking carpet.

Combine services for optimal results

A clean carpet certainly makes a good impression, but there are other important areas, as well, that need some loving and a professional hand if you wish to have a healthy, sparkly clean home.

  • Protect your rug or carpet from future spills by adding Scotchgard application to your carpet cleaning.
  • Combine your service with an upholstery cleaning and freshen up those dusty curtains, or give a new life to your favourite armchair.
  • Booking our professional window cleaning will bring a lot of happiness and light into your home! We use only purified water to make sure that there are no marks on the glass and we also clean the frames.
  • If you are moving out, you will need a professional team to clean up your rented property. We work according to agency-approved checklists, making sure that in the end, you get your bond back.

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Frequenly asked questions

  • Q: How often do you recommend I should wash my carpets?

    A: Once a year is more than enough to prevent serious dirt build-up that can affect the life and health of your carpet.

  • Q: How does stain protection work?

    A: We use the proven Scotchgard protector that is sprayed onto the carpet after the cleaning is complete. It creates a layer that repels liquid and food spillages from infiltrating the carpet fibres. For example, if you spill wine, the carpet will not be stained. You can blot it with a cloth and it will be gone forever.

  • Q: Will the technician move any furniture?

    A: The carpet cleaner can only move lightweight furniture. For anything heavier, you will have to organise the room beforehand.

  • Q: Can I reschedule my appointment?

    A: Of course! Just call our Customer Service department and they will advise you on all the available slots. However, we do ask of you to let us know at least 24 hours before the actual service.

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