High Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Exterior surfaces sparkle as new
  • Green and safe methods
  • Effective removal of mould
  • High-end specialised equipment
  • Expertise and professional approach
from $4/sq.m.

Our Prices

Area sizeFantastic Club priceNon-members price
Price per m2Minimum is $123Minimum is $129
up to 50 m2$5 per m2$6 per m2
50 to 100 m2$5 per m2$5.5 per m2
more than 100 m2$4 per m2$5 per m2

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Effective High-Pressure Cleaning in Melbourne

Why waste time and resources on trying to wash your deck, tennis court or garden patio, when you can leave this task to the professionals from Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne?

Our company provides technologically advanced pressure cleaning services, which are suitable for most outdoor types of surfaces. The method we employ is environmentally friendly and efficient, as only the use of water and high pressure is incorporated in the process. The end result is shiny outdoor hard floors and enhanced look of your garden furniture. We can make any other washable external surfaces that come to mind perfectly clean and contamination-free.

The procedure improves the look of your home exteriors and prolongs their life. The pressure cleaning technique is also safe, in terms of marks and scratches, as none are left on the treated surface when the equipment is handled correctly by qualified personnel.

Pressure Cleaners in Melbourne You Can Trust

The expert pressure cleaners are fully trained to operate the specialised equipment. They are also:

  • Interviewed in person prior to employment
  • Motivated, friendly and on time
  • Hold comprehensive insurance
  • Certified and licensed
  • Monitored by quality control supervisors

What Does Our Pressure Cleaning Equipment Remove?

The answer is: almost everything. The powerful jet machine can remove organic and non-organic matter, which is not meant to be present on the target surface. We could be talking about mould, mildew, moss and weedlings, or about different types of hard particle build-ups - our pressure cleaning session will take care of them all!

The water blast will do the hard work for you in no time at all. So, it really makes no difference if the surface is covered in fine sand and grit or it suffers from accumulation of dust and salt deposits. All those can be eliminated via the pressure cleaning method with proven results.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to call us if you need to get your walls graffiti-free again! There is no point in struggling to remove them yourself when we can help. 

Pro tip:

According to experts, if you pressure wash your home's exteriors once a year, the life of the paint will be extended for about three more years. Also, pressure washing is more affordable than repainting.

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