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  • Brand-new looking concrete and inviting outdoor space
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  • Extended lifespan of your concrete
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Concrete Cleaning with pressure washer

Professional concrete cleaning services in Melbourne

While taking care of their properties, homeowners often neglect cleaning the driveway, entryway, sidewalks, and patio. Although looking almost maintenance-free, these concrete areas can still become dirty and deteriorated, so they also require good care. Concrete floors are quite porous, meaning they retain all kinds of dirt and grime. Concrete is also exposed to food and grease staining, rains, temperature amplitudes, bacteria, UV-rays, and more. That’s why maintenance is crucial if you want to preserve your concrete and save yourself future costly reconstructions.

But handling concrete cleaning all by yourself might not be effective enough. Domestic cleaning tools and cold water can’t fight all the dirt and spots and deep clean the concrete.

The most practical solution for you is to trust professionals for rejuvenating your exterior. We, at Fantastic Cleaners, specialise in cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. We provide a team of expert cleaners who can restore your concrete by making it spotlessly clean and sparkling!

Why choose Fantastic Cleaners to clean your concrete

Our professional cleaning technicians use high-tech cleaning equipment and the latest environmentally safe detergents, applying the high-pressure washing method. This cleaning technique has numerous benefits:

  • Compared to domestic methods, professional concrete cleaning eliminates potential structural hazards such as cracking, degradation from excess water absorption, and deterioration from abrasions.
  • Leaving the concrete cleaning to our specialists means that you’ll have the job perfectly done, which saves you time to focus on more important things or just relax.
  • When the professionals clean your concrete surroundings, they take care of every small detail, delivering the service to the highest standard. This guarantees results that add up to the aesthetics, value, and safety of your home.
  • The concrete cleaning team can also identify any hidden issues or damages and remove them instantly to prevent further concrete problems.
Washing Concrete with pressure washer - professional service

How the specialists perform the concrete cleaning

Fantastic Cleaners achieve impressive results with concrete floors thanks to the hot water high-pressure technology they use.

The technicians blast the concrete with a powerful hot water jet after it’s been treated with a foam cleaning product to break down all stubborn stains. This combination of a strong yet safe detergent and high-pressure cleaning eliminates all dirt and spots from the porous concrete. Once the cleaners finish deep cleaning the concrete, they will seal it if you have requested this service when booking your appointment. Concrete sealing is optional but recommended because it creates a protective film which helps extend its lifespan.

What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the concrete cleaning service last?
A: The concrete cleaning duration varies from job to job. If time is bothering you, worry not! We offer flexible working hours and can tailor the service arrangement time to match your individual schedule, so it’s as convenient as possible for you.
Q: Can I have something else cleaned at the same time?
A: Yes, we provide a great range of household services. Our cleaning technicians will take care of any other part of your home, as long as you point out your requirements during the booking process.
Q: How many cleaners do I need to hire?
A: It depends on how extensive your concrete areas are. Usually, 2 to 3 cleaning technicians are more than enough to perfectly clean the concrete.
Q: What’s the cost of your concrete cleaning service?
A: It’s different depending on the size of your exterior and your specific requirements. You get a free quote with the estimated price during the online booking.

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