Complete Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Expert cleaning and protection
  • Improved look of your interior
  • Effective & safe cleaning methods
  • Germ-free tiled surfaces
  • Fully trained technicians
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Sparkling Floors with Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Melbourne

We all vacuum and mop our floors on a regular basis, but this is not sufficient to keep the grout in top condition. Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne specialises in tile and grout cleaning services, where an industry-powered equipment is employed. We will remove the grime and heavy dirt build-up from your relief tiles and the grout between them, by applying advanced tile cleaning methods and professional detergents.

The tile cleaners are also equipped with special tools and accessories, which are designed for use in small wet rooms and hard-to-reach places. So don’t struggle with scrubbing your shower room, when we can do this for you in no time.

What to Expect from The Tile Cleaners on the Day of Your Service

The tile and grout cleaning technicians are fully trained and qualified to perform the service. Their professional approach ensures that the following process takes place:

  1. The cleaners put on suitable footwear (protective overshoes).
  2. The initial information about the size of the area that needs treating is confirmed again with precision.
  3. The specialists also check the floors for possible loose or cracked tiles before they proceed with the tile cleaning job.
  4. If there is still furniture to be removed, they will help removing it, as long as there are not any heavy pieces involved.
  5. The floors are treated with suitable detergent, which is agitated if necessary, prior to rinsing the area with a high-pressure cleaning machine.
  6. The moisture is then extracted along with the dissolved grime.
  7. You are left with sparkling floors again.

Take Advantage from Our Fantastic Tile Sealing Service

You can effectively keep the stains away from your natural stone tiles by resealing them on a regular basis. Advice on our tile sealing services can be provided, upon request, prior to cleaning your tiles and grout.

The procedure involves the stripping of old sealers and cleaning the floor with a high-pressure cleaning machine. Then, a suitable sealer is applied, which will prolong the life of your floor by keeping the grout in place. It also protects both the tiles and grout from contaminants penetrating the surface.  It is proven and tested that the specialised treatment slows down significantly the formation of new stains. Drying time of up to four hours is required.

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