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  • Comprehensive service which removes filters for in-depth cleansing
  • Maximises ventilation and smoke-free cooking
  • Eco-friendly products always in use
  • Bookable seven days every week - including holidays!
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The trusted experts for range hood cleaning in Melbourne

Your range hood has the job of extracting all the fumes, smoke, and heat when you are cooking. If it gets blocked or too grimy, it stops doing its job so well. This can leave your clothes smelling smokey and your kitchen full of fumes every time you fire up your oven!

That's where Fantastic Cleaners' expert service for rangehood cleaning in Melbourne comes in. Delivered by trained and experienced professionals, it includes carefully disassembling filters and exterior cleaning using the latest eco-friendly degreasers. Everything that's needed to return your range hood or kitchen exhaust to full, spotless working order.

range hood process of cleaning
range hood cleaners working

Why get professional kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne?

Anyone can give their range hood filter a wipe-round cleaning. But if you want to clean the filters and keep your range hood in operational order, you need a professional armed with the right kind of tools and equipment. And these are speciality tools you rarely find over the counter.

You can call on our specialists to clean any kind of kitchen exhaust or range hood. From large stainless steel canopy units through to small units mounted under cupboards. That's not to mention slide-out range hoods or rotary range hoods. We deal with those too.

Reduce your energy bill

Get professional attention to ensure your range hood isn't simply sucking up electricity while not sucking out any fumes. A grimy hood works harder than it needs to, making it less efficient.

Improve your ventilation

Free up your kitchen exhaust to do its job properly. Our hood cleaning service ensures the hot air and cooking fumes are extracted from your kitchen properly.

Trust trained, OH&S-compliant experts

Rely on experts who work to OH&S standards, covered by full insurance protection.

How your hood cleaning service will work

The specialists who deliver your kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne will carefully extract your unit's filters and remove all of the grease and grime on them using their special vehicle-mounted degreasing unit. The exterior of the hood itself will be fully decreased and polished. The products we use for this are specially chosen both for their effectiveness and the fact that they are eco-friendly.

You can also take advantage of our lighter service version. If your range hood filter does not need cleaning, you can simply have your hood cleaned externally as part of our standard oven cleaning service.

What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you clean my type of range hood or kitchen exhaust?
A: Almost certainly. We have already cleaned everything from centrifugal units to rotary types to economy under-cupboard hoods. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a quick call for more information.
Q: How often should I book range hood cleaning?
A: This very much depends on how much and what you like to cook. If you cook a lot of meat on a regular basis, you might need to book a hood cleaning service more often. In general, regular service makes sense if you want to minimise your energy bills and make sure your hood is doing its job well.
Q: Who are your professionals?
A: Every person we send to your door for kitchen exhaust cleaning in Melbourne is a trained, vetted and highly experienced professional. They will be driving a vehicle that's fitted with special dip tanks ready to degrease your hood filters. Plus, they are fully insured and always work to OH&S standards.
Q: Can I book a service at the weekend?
A: Yes! We offer appointments Monday through Sunday, including public holidays. Book online or by phone, or ask us about our availability at any time.

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