Pre- and after party cleaning services in Melbourne

  • Professional deep cleaning
  • Same-day and next-day availability
  • All-in-one service: Get Oven, Carpet and upholstery, and Window cleaning as part of your service
  • Experienced cleaning professionals
  • COVID-19 compliant services

Quality pre- and post-party cleaning in Melbourne

Are you having guests over this weekend, but don’t have time to make your house presentable? We have all been there - working hard during the week, yearning for a little cooling down on Friday or Saturday, inviting friends and family only to realise the house is a mess. If that’s you, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered!

after-party cleaning service

Why should you hire a professional to clean your house before or after a party?

Cleaning the house yourself is a fine option that will probably get the job done to a certain extent, but why waste all that time when you can kick back and relax and get ready for your party.

Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne will provide you with:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction: With years of experience in home cleaning services, our professionals are sure to deliver the best results!
  • Efficient cleaning methods: We can get the job done in a timely manner, hassle-free!
  • 7-day availability: Any day of the week, including public holidays, we are ready to help you prepare your home for the perfect party.
  • Amazing customer service: Our fantastic customer service agents are available 24/7 to answer any and all of your questions!
  • Regular cleaning options: Need assistance with your house cleaning on the regular? Our regular cleaning services are available at your disposal. Get the same cleaner to clean your place on a regular basis!

How do we prepare your property for a party or get it tidied up afterwards?

Our Fantastic Cleaners will help you by:

  • Cleaning the common areas such as living, dining and family rooms, guest bathrooms, kitchen, and porches.
  • Thoroughly clean the kitchen surfaces, outside cupboards, oven, splashback, stovetop, microwave and sink.
  • Deep cleaning of the bathroom and toilet including scrubbing and disinfection of the floors.
  • Removing the dust throughout the property.
  • Polishing the mirrors and glass doors.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors.
  • Sweeping the porch and emptying the trash.

What our clients say:

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you provide house repairs?
A: Yes, our Fantastic Handymen are available to help fix any unforeseen damages after a wild night.
Q: How do you charge for the service?
A: Our Pre- and Afterparty cleaning service is hourly-based. You are billed only for the time our cleaners have worked and not for the time booked. Minimum charges apply.
Q: Do you supply your own cleaning detergents and equipment?
A: Yes, our Fantastic Cleaners can supply all the detergents and equipment needed to carry out your cleaning service. You can also choose to provide your own cleaning supplies.
Q: Do you offer same-day availability?
A: Yes, we do. If you find yourself in urgent need of a house cleaning service, call us to easily organise your same and next-day cleaning session.
Q: Can I get my garden done at the same time?
A: Yes, our Fantastic Gardeners can tidy up your yard in no time and get it ready for your garden party.
Q: Do I need to provide anything?
A: Access to water and electricity and proper lighting (if booking a late afternoon or evening service) are needed to achieve the best cleaning results. Apart from that, we have got you covered.
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