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Transforming your kitchen and appliances in a matter of a few hours!

  • Effective deep kitchen cleaning procedures at hourly rates
  • Fully qualified, experienced and insured specialists near you
  • Providing advanced cleaning equipment and detergents
  • Easy online booking and flexible appointments
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The importance of resorting to a professional kitchen cleaning service

Well, we know you clean your kitchen on a daily basis, after cooking, eating and so on, clearing spoils from the floor and wiping sticky stains from the worktops. But how often do you clean your splashback from all the oily marks? When was the last time you made any effort to scrub the oven chamber? Look, we don’t want to put you on the spot, but we can almost guarantee that your time is scarce for these sort of mundane and time-consuming tasks.

Then, why not consider booking professional kitchen cleaning help in Sydney and have all the numerous chores in this well-used place crossed off your to-do list? Fantastic Cleaners is a company with a decade of experience in providing various cleaning solutions to both domestic and business clients in the area.

Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney is here for you, all week round

You can book your kitchen cleaning service with Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney, 7 days a week, including public holidays by filling the online contact form or downloading our GoFantastic app. The local experts we rely on are thoroughly trained, insured and background checked. They come fully prepared for the service with premium equipment and cleaning products every time. With their help, you will not only turn your kitchen into a lovely and cosy clean space but also prevent various cross-contamination or potential pest issues that often come about unexpectedly, due to neglected areas and dirty appliances in your food preparation place.

Let’s see what else you’ll be getting with us:

  • Customised approach - we’ll follow your requirements to the letter;
  • Fantastic Club benefits - join the club for a year and enjoy numerous amazing perks;
  • Options to combine your services for a better deal - book kitchen cleaning and BBQ cleaning, for instance;
  • Saving you lots of free time and effort - enjoy your weekend somewhere with the kids, instead of scrubbing away your kitchen;
  • Reliable customer care service - the team of agents is helpfully at your disposal.

What to expect from your kitchen cleaning service in Sydney

Your service will begin with a good vacuuming so that debris from the floor and any cobwebs are all removed. All surfaces, worktops, shelving, the sink, the splashback and the like will be thoroughly sanitised. Tables, chairs, stools, the kitchen island will also be wiped clean to perfection.

Then, every appliance in your kitchen, big or small will be given strong attention to detail, too. The extractor hood, the cooktop and the inside of your oven will be perfectly polished and all traces of grease and carbon deposits - expertly removed. Last but not least, the specialist will sanitise your refrigerator and freezer, as long as you’ve defrosted them in advance and removed all the food from the appliances.

Kitchen cupboards will be polished inside and out. And finally, your kitchen floor will be disinfected with a professional product and a mop.

What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to do anything before the service?
A: Not really. The cleaner comes with everything needed for the job, including detergents, cleaning supplies and tools.
Q: Can you clean small kitchen appliances, as well,?
A: Absolutely. Be it your microwave, party grill, blender or toaster, just specify what you need cleaning and the pro will take care of the job in no time.
Q: Do you repair ovens?
A: Fantastic Cleaners is part of Fantastic Services in Sydney, so, we could organise for a technician to deliver an appliance repair service for you. Contact the customer care hotline or get in touch online.
Q: Can you come on a Sunday to complete the service?
A: Yes, of course! We operate 7 days a week, no matter what day it is.

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