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Professional refrigerator cleaning service in Sydney

The refrigerator is one of the most extensively used appliances in the modern home. This, and the fact that it is used to store food, naturally leads to it becoming dirty over time. Having your fridge cleaned and properly disinfected, as well as removing any nasty stains and odours is very important for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney provides a top-quality refrigerator cleaning service, which saves you time and effort, and provides you with guaranteed results!

We can clean fridge freezers, integrated refrigerators, upright and chest freezers, French door fridges and more. Regardless of what type of cooling and freezing appliance you have, we can assist you promptly and have it cleaned diligently and up to your highest satisfaction.


Why have your refrigerator cleaned by professionals?

If you prefer spending your time on your hobbies, or maybe, you have more important things to tend to, fridge cleaning may be annoying and tedious for you. If that’s your case, consider getting professional cleaning from Fantastic Cleaners in Sydney.

There are many benefits of having your appliance cleaned by trained and skilled pros. We work with cleaners, who will give attention to every detail and can deal with any stubborn stains and odours. The detergents they use are strong but safe, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family.

Your pro can also provide you with cleaning tips and suggestions, so you can keep your fridge looking fresh for a longer period of time.

Fantastic Cleaners offers one-time and scheduled cleaning - the choice is yours!


What our clients say:

How the pros will clean your fridge in Sydney

We will send help and assign a trained expert with the task, who will bring all the necessary equipment to do the job. The service starts with a thorough inspection of the appliance to determine its condition. You should have your refrigerator and/or freezer cleared out and defrosted beforehand. After this, the cleaner will remove any trays and removable compartments and carefully disinfect and sanitise them, as well as the insides of the fridge. If your kitchen appliance has a freezer compartment it will also be given a proper cleaning.

Attention is given to every detail. This means that your fridge will be cleaned on the outside too. The expert will polish the handle, door and exterior well.

After the cleaning is complete, your refrigerator will be properly reassembled and turned on, and you can enjoy storing your food in a fresh and clean environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the fridge cleaning service take?
A: The time, in which the appliance is cleaned depends on its size and condition. Of course, the cleaners will give attention to every detail.
Q: Do I need to provide anything, beforehand?
A: No. The cleaner will come to your home fully prepared to clean any type of fridge. Just make sure to have it defrosted and cleared out from any foods.
Q: Can I have other kitchen appliances cleaned, as well?
A: Yes, of course. You can book any home appliance cleaning service, in addition to fridge cleaning. Just add it in your order.
Q: How long after the cleaning do I need to wait before using my fridge?
A: The detergents used in the service are safe, so you can have your food stored inside your freshly cleaned refrigerator almost immediately.

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