Reliable and Effective Curtain Cleaning in Perth

  • Safe, high-end cleaning methods and detergents
  • Fabric protection and longer curtain lifespan
  • On-site curtain cleaning for your convenience
  • Reliable, certified, and insured local technicians
  • Flexible booking slots, including weekends
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Trust the local expert cleaners to restore your curtains

If your curtains have lost their glamour and you don’t have the time or knowledge to restore their appearance, turn to a professional! When you choose Fantastic Cleaners, as a standard, you will receive detailed care for your curtains with guaranteed results.

The technicians we work with are experienced and fully equipped to deal with dust, smoke, odours, and other contaminants trapped into the fabrics of your curtains.

Using a professional curtain cleaning service will ensure your draperies are not damaged during the process, as the specialist will strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and choose the most suitable cleaning method.

Curtain Cleaning in Progress

Why choose Fantastic Cleaners

Our company employs only high-end cleaning methods, executed by experienced, insured local cleaners, who are equipped with specialised tools and products. With Fantastic Cleaners, you’ll get excellent results and save time and effort, too!

Professional cleaning services will improve the appearance of your curtains and the indoor air quality of your home, as well as eliminate all health risk factors, such as dust, pollens, dust mites, and mould spores.

Curtain Cleaning Process

How we perform our curtain cleaning service in Perth

Curtain cleaning provided by our company is carried out on-site. We use industry-grade equipment that allows the experts to clean your curtains without the need for removing them from the pole or rail.

The curtain cleaning technicians have vast knowledge and, after inspection of the type, material, and condition, will recommend the appropriate treatment for your curtains. Natural fabrics like linen, for example, are not suitable for steaming. However, we can provide dry cleaning instead.

So, how is the service usually performed by the Fantastic cleaners?

  • The technician will start by examining the texture and material of the fabric.
  • They will select suitable cleaning detergents that will preserve the true colour of the curtain and avoid discolouration.
  • Then, the professional will vacuum your curtains carefully.
  • Next, they will use the hot water extraction machine to eliminate dirt, dust, and stubborn pre-treated stains (if any).
  • As a final touch, the cleaner will deodorise your curtains, improving the indoor air quality.

If you have any questions regarding the service or how to maintain your curtains after it, feel free to ask the cleaners for their expert advice!

What our clients say:

Q: Will I be charged if I reschedule or cancel the carpet cleaning booking?
A: We understand emergency situations may occur. However, we will appreciate it if you give us at least 48 hours notice prior to the service. Otherwise, there is a cancellation fee that applies as per our terms and conditions.
Q: Which curtain cleaning method should I choose?
A: The expert cleaners we work with have all the experience and knowledge they need to make the right choice. Rest assured, they will advise you on which method is right for your drapes.
Q: Will you deodorise my curtains?
A: Of course! Just let us know what you need during the booking process and we’ll take it from there.
Q: Can you clean the curtains off-site?
A: No. The technicians can only treat your curtains on-site.
Q: Does your company work on weekends?
A: Yes. The cleaners are available for bookings all week round, including on national holidays and weekends.
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Enjoy your vibrant curtains that look good as new!