Stovetop cleaning in Brisbane

Let us make your cooktop and hobs look as new by cleaning them expertly and with strong attention to detail!

  • Vetted, insured and comprehensively trained cleaners near you
  • Using non-toxic cleaning detergents from top manufacturers
  • Suitable for induction, electric and gas stovetops alike
  • Easy-to-use online booking system and real-time availability
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Stovetop Cleaning

What are the pros of relying on specialist cooktop cleaning expertise?

Entrusting the cleaning maintenance of your cooking appliance to a professional cleaner will naturally render far better results than if you did the job yourself. Why? Well, cleaning experts have in-depth knowledge of various cleaning techniques that are suitable for different materials, which a cooktop may be made of, for a start. They use proven, off-the-counter detergents and industry-standard tools to achieve the highest possible standard of service.

Last but not least, you’ll be saving yourself the time, which you can spend on far more pleasant activities. Not to mention the elbow grease, involved in scrubbing your stovetop, which, surely, you’d happily give it a miss if given the opportunity.

Convinced? Then, get in touch with Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane and enjoy a polished cooktop and hobs minus the hard work!

Why hire Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane for your cooktop cleaning needs

Well, for starters, we’ve been in the business for over a decade, which makes us a reliable domestic and commercial cleaning service provider in Brisbane. We boast many returning customers, which speaks for itself, right? With us, you can enjoy:

  • Short-notice and same-day appointments, all week round, including on public holidays
  • Easy rescheduling at no extra charge (a 24-hours notice, applicable)
  • Thoroughly vetted, experienced and insured cleaning professionals near you
  • Top-notch equipment and detergents from leading brands
  • Exclusive benefits with the Fantastic Club - just join our yearly membership with your next booking
  • Options to book more than one service to save time - oven, BBQ and stovetop cleaning services can be booked as a package, for instance
  • Friendly customer service - just contact our helpful team anytime
  • A fast online booking process, even on the go if you download our GoFantastic app.

Your stove top cleaning service in Brisbane in a few simple steps

On your appointment day, a fully equipped cleaning specialist will come to your address. They’ll bring professional cleaning supplies and quality detergents. The specialist will put on overshoes before entering your home and then head to your kitchen to get down to work. A sheet or a mat will be placed on the floor to protect it from any splashes.

The service will begin with a brief inspection of your cooker so that the technician can determine its type - gas, electric, induction, etc. Any removable parts, such as gas cooktop rings and trivets will be cleaned separately. The stovetop surface will be thoroughly degreased, then wiped and polished. Note that depending on the type of stovetop you have, the cleaning pro will use the most effective cleaning agent, which does not damage the material it is made of (induction hobs, for example).

Then, special attention will be given to all the control buttons and knobs. Finally, your entire cooker will be sanitised and polished. Any parts that have been removed at the start of the service will be placed back, as well.

Order your cooktop cleaning service now and save yourself time and effort! You can also easily bundle up your service with our deep oven cleaning option to benefit from an all-in-one solution to your cooker cleaning needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What products do you use? Are they toxic?
A: The cleaners are equipped with specially designed cleaning detergents from leading brands. They are safe to be used on cooking appliances.
Q: How long would it take for my stove to be cleaned?
A: The service duration will depend on the type of cooker you have and its condition. Gas stovetops may take slightly longer to clean, as their design includes removable parts.
Q: Is cleaning the oven part of the cooker cleaning service?
A: No. Our stovetop cleaning service will ensure that your appliance is sparkling clean on the outside only. Please, book our oven cleaning service separately or together with your cooktop cleaning appointment.
Q: What is your coverage?
A: You can book our stovetop cleaning service if you reside anywhere in Brisbane or the suburbs.

Your professional stove top cleaning service is just a few clicks away!