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Enjoy a better quality of indoor air with our curtain cleaning in Brisbane

Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane offers convenient curtain cleaning services, which are executed at the premises of the client without the need of removing them from the curtain rail or pole.

We employ advanced cleaning methods, performed by fully qualified and insured technicians, who are equipped with all the tools and products, required for the job. By hiring a skilled pro, you’ll get a professional result, save time and effort, as well as ensure that your decorative investment looks as new.

Curtains trap dust, pollen and other airborne particles, as well as provide “refuge” for minuscule organisms, such as dust mites. And when the fabric is saturated with those to the brim, your drapes’ filtering properties become less effective.

This results in compromised indoor air quality and a worsened home environment, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers. So, don’t hesitate to book a professional curtain cleaning service with us for a healthier home and refreshed interior.

How Is the Curtain Cleaning Service Performed?

The cleaning expert will arrive at your property and bring high-end equipment and cleaning supplies. The pro will inspect your curtains and employ the most suitable cleaning method, based on the material that your drapes are made from.

For delicate, bright-coloured textiles, a dry cleaning technique will be most likely used. Colourfast synthetic or natural fabrics will be treated with hot water extraction cleaning equipment. Below, you can see the process in more detail:

  • Vacuuming - The cleaner will carefully remove dust and other hard particles with a vacuum cleaner and a suitable attachment.
  • Pre-treatment of stains - He or she will pretreat any stains with a special stain removal product, taking into consideration the type of material your curtains are made from.
  • Cleaning - As mentioned above, the drapes will be either dry cleaned or steam cleaned with the appropriate equipment.
  • Deodorising - Then, the pro will deodorise your window dressing fabrics as a finishing touch.

Note that the cleaning methods, used in this service, ensure that your draperies do not suffer any shrinkage or stretching issues.

Benefit from Our Additional Cleaning Solutions

As a cleaning service provider, we can help you with a list of other cleaning tasks, be it blinds cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning and lot more. You can book our solutions regularly or as one-time professional assistance according to your needs and preferences.

Furthermore, you can always combine services at your wish, especially when the same equipment is employed in the cleaning process. It makes sense to have your curtains cleaned along with your soft furnishings and mattress, for example, doesn’t it? And this way, you’ll get the chance to save on time, effort and money, of course.

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