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  • Applying attention to detail and diligence
  • Trained local cleaning pros with experience
  • Cleaning your kitchen appliances to perfection
  • Convenient booking procedure, online or over the phone
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Kitchen cleaning in Brisbane, done with your satisfaction in mind

Your kitchen is the place where you spend lots of time cooking, dining and whatnot, right? And although you regularly tidy up and wipe surfaces after preparing a meal, there are always areas, fixtures and appliances that don’t get enough attention on a daily basis. Just check right now the inside of your microwave and you’ll know what we mean! Or right at the back of your kitchen cupboards - and surely, you’ll spot some sticky stains and crumbs, the perfect source of food for ants or moth larvae. So, this is where Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane can come in handy and help you out by assigning a professional cleaner or a team of cleaning experts to bring back the immaculate state of your kitchen.

We do understand that finding the time to do a detailed kitchen cleaning yourself is hard. Therefore, entrust the job to the experienced and well-equipped pros to prevent potential pest problems and eliminate funny stale odours!

Why Fantastic Cleaners in Brisbane?

We don’t want to blow our trumpet but our experience in providing deep cleaning services can be traced back to 2010. We’ve delivered a range of home and business cleaning solutions with the help of qualified and dedicated local experts. And when it comes to detailed kitchen cleaning, they know how to incorporate their specialised appliance cleaning skills and restore the pristine and sanitised condition of your fridge-freezer, oven and stovetop, etc. What’s more, is that proper cleaning of these will definitely prolong their life and prevent unexpected breakages or even reduce the risk of fire hazards (greasy ovens can easily catch fire).

Here’s what else you can expat with us:

  • Flexible appointments, all week round - check our real-time availability online anytime;
  • No cancellation fees if you give us a notice of 24 hours in advance;
  • Options to manage your services from anywhere - just download our GoFantastic app;
  • Timely customer support - our representatives are always ready to help you;
  • Amazing perks with the Fantastic Club - subscribe anytime for a year to enjoy exclusive rates and credits towards future bookings!

How your kitchen cleaning service in Brisbane goes

When the appointment day arrives, expect a fully equipped cleaning expert(s) to arrive at your doorstep, ready for action. They will bring all the equipment, tools, detergents and cleaning supplies to transform your kitchen into the sanitised place you’d want, but have no time to make it happen.

Your cleaning service provider will do the following:

  • Vacuum the floor and remove any cobwebs;
  • They will clean the sink, benchtops, surfaces and splashback;
  • The kitchen cupboards will be thoroughly polished inside and out;
  • The pro will sanitise all your appliances, including the microwave, dishwasher, toaster, kettle, etc.;
  • Special attention will be given to your oven, which will be deep cleaned on the inside.
  • The extractor hood and your hobs will be polished, as well;
  • The fridge-freezer will be thoroughly cleaned, just don’t forget to empty out and defrost your appliance, first;
  • Finally, the cleaner will mop the floor.

Treat your kitchen to our deep cleaning expertise today!

What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you clean my washing machine, as well?
A: Absolutely, especially if it’s located in your kitchen. Either way, just specify your exact requirements and will accommodate them in your service.
Q: Can you clean my kitchen before a special dinner event?
A: Yes, the cleaners will arrive on the day you wish to have your kitchen disinfected and it will be prepared for the big cooking ahead.
Q: How do you charge for your services?
A: The service is charged by the hour. Depending on the size and the condition of your kitchen, as well as on the number and size of your appliances, we’ll advise you on the number of hours you’ll need to book to have the job done efficiently, yet, with outstanding results.
Q: What is your coverage?
A: You can order our kitchen cleaning service anywhere in Brisbane and the surrounding areas.

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