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Treat yourself by leaving the time-consuming housework and cleaning maintenance of your home in Balmain to the Fantastic local cleaning experts!

We can customise your service the way you want us to so that your property cleaning needs are met to your guaranteed utmost satisfaction. The pros we work with, operate locally in your area and are fully qualified to perform our services to a very high standard.

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Save time with Fantastic's domestic cleaning solutions in Balmain

  1. The equipment, detergents and cleaning tools are included in the price, unlike with some other companies out there.
  2. We don’t let anyone join our teams before checking their background, experience and general suitability for the job.
  3. The housekeepers and cleaners are trained to follow your express cleaning instructions.
  4. You can amend your regular cleaning checklist by adding and removing tasks, or by changing their level of priority, at relatively short notice.
  5. We operate regardless of what day it is, meaning you can book your cleaning service to take place on a weekday, a weekend or even on a public holiday.
  6. Our friendly customer service team can assist you with your queries and concerns. Subscribe to our loyalty membership club by phone and get all your services with us at lower rates.

Choose from our regular and one-off cleaning solutions

Fantastic Cleaners Balmain provides two general domestic cleaning options at affordable hourly rates - housekeeping and deep one-off cleaning. Both types of services include the use of advanced equipment and professional cleaning products, as we noted earlier.

One-off cleaning. The service is generally ordered seasonally or when the client is in need of in-depth cleaning assistance before or after their special home event. It is designed, of course, to bring your property to its former clean state by vacuuming and mopping the floors, vacuuming your soft furniture and bed pieces, and polishing fixtures, worktops, appliances and furniture. On top of this, however, you can request a thorough and deep cleaning in great detail of specific rooms and particular property features, spaces and items. What do we mean by this? You can have your bathroom completely descaled, areas behind and under furniture and appliances cleaned, as well as your attic or basement - spruced up. Or you can ask for all the interior windows and glass doors, their tracks, frames and sills to be washed and polished, too.

Maid service. Our housekeeping solutions can be booked on a weekly basis, twice a week, twice a month or monthly. We strive to assign the same maid or cleaner every time for your convenience. The housekeeper can handle general house chores and maintain the tidy and orderly state of your home. Here’s an example of what your housekeeping checklist can include:

  • Dish washing, laundry and ironing;
  • Changing the bedding;
  • Vacuuming and mopping;
  • Cobweb removal;
  • Furniture polishing;
  • Emptying of all bins and replacing the bin bags;
  • Keeping your kitchen and bathroom sanitised and presentable;
  • Feeding your pet and watering the plants.

Note: Please, don’t ask your maid to lift any heavy items, cook for you or mind your children!

Order another service and get a discount

On top of the chance to pay less for your services by joining our loyalty membership programme, as mentioned above, you can get a discount if you combine another service from the list below with your general cleaning appointment.

  • Oven cleaning - The specialist will clean the appliance in great detail, inside and out, by sanitising individually removable parts, as well.
  • Window cleaning - Your windows can be washed and polished on the outside, too, including their frames and sills.
  • Hard floor cleaning - We use various cleaning methods that are suitable for hardwood, natural stone, tile and vinyl floor surfaces, including stripping, sealing and buffing them, upon request.
  • Carpet cleaning - Dry carpet cleaning and hot water extractions are the techniques employed by the experienced carpet cleaning pros.
  • Upholstery/mattress cleaning - Choose our stain removal expertise for your soft furniture and mattresses and have the items completely rejuvenated!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can the maid deal with my stained sofa?

    A: The regular housekeeper is not qualified and equipped to provide professional upholstery cleaning services. You should book our specialised service separately.

  • Q: Are the cleaning detergents safe?

    A: Yes. The cleaners use professional cleaning products, which are deemed non-toxic and safe for domestic use.

  • Q: Can I move my weekly cleaning appointment for another day of the week?

    A: Yes. Please notify us in advance, so we can make the necessary changes. We can’t guarantee that we can send the same housekeeper, however, due to a possible schedule conflict.

  • Q: Can the cleaner wash my windows?

    A: Yes, but only on the inside. Just make sure to include the job in your priority cleaning list of tasks in advance. For your exterior windows, you’ll need to order our specialised window cleaning service.

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