7 Tricks You Can Take from Professional Cleaners

Last update: 5 months ago

Person cleaning their house following professional cleaner tips


As people who clean houses on a daily basis, we see a lot of mistakes that homeowners make.
Most of them are because of bad habits, or people just didn’t spend 10-15 minutes to learn a couple of cool tricks that could ease their cleaning.

Whatever the reason may be, we thought that you would benefit of couple of handy tricks that we’ve learned through the years. Keep reading to see how the professionals clean houses!

1. Dust from Top to Bottom

A mistake many people make is cleaning the easiest to reach places first. Chances are that you are doing the same thing whenever you are cleaning your home.

What professionals know is that you should take care of the top levels first and then continue cleaning below. The reason is that when you clean the bottom first, you will inevitably get dust later on when you are cleaning the top.  

2. Regularly Clean and Wash Shades and Curtains

It’s really important that you regularly clean and wash the shades and curtains in your home. Both shades and curtains collect a lot of dust (especially heavy and big curtains). Chances are because of this you get dust in the air every time that you use them.

It’s inescapable that this dust won’t end on furniture nearby. A handy trick is to get yourself a vacuum cleaner that can wash curtains and rugs. They are a bit more expensive but will save a lot of time. Or, if you don’t want to invest in a brand new vacuum cleaner you can always get yourself a dedicated steam cleaner.

3. Move All Furniture and Clean Bellow Them

Big furniture like sofas, cabinets and tables can collect quite a bit of dust underneath them. Often times people neglect cleaning there. This is bad because your place will get dirty again in no time.

If you are looking forward to keeping the house clean for longer periods of time, then definitely clean under the bigger furniture in your home.

4. Always Mop the Floor After Vacuuming

Mopping the floor helps collect any dust that may have been missed by the vacuum cleaner or lifted from the stream of air that comes after. It’s also really good for cleaning off any spots and dirt that may have stuck on the floor. 

5. Changing Bed Sheets Weekly

It’s probably one of the best habits that one can have. Changing the bedsheets weekly ensures that you will have a healthy environment to sleep in. Given that we spend anywhere from six to nine hours in bed a day, it’s good to keep the bedroom in good condition.

We would also suggest that you dust is twice as often. Dust can trigger all kinds of allergies and even asthma in some people.

6. Clean Bathroom Fixtures Regularly with Window Cleaning Detergent

Having a good looking bathroom is always important. If you want a nice looking bathroom you should regularly shine any fixtures and decoration that you have in your bathroom. The steam and overall moisture of the room may lead to scale stone build up. In time they will end up nasty looking.

7. Clean Plants Regularly

Plants gather a lot of dust. It’s important to dust them off regularly. That will keep them healthy, as dust can damage their growth significantly. Sooner or later the dust will find its way to the various furniture in your home.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to keep them dust free.

Though these seven tricks may seem little, they are an absolute gem when it comes to cleaning your home and keeping it that way. Make sure to utilise all of them, in order to get the best results for your home.

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