Cleaning 101

11 Huge Benefits To Regularly Cleaning Your Home

Woman cleaning her house regularly.

Everyone enjoys a clean house! It makes us comfortable and relaxed. However, in our busy days, we often don’t have time for cleaning our homes on a regular basis. Well, here are some benefits to keeping your home clean all the time!

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Renting? Here’s What You Have to Clean Before You Unpack!

What you need to clean before you move in and unpack.

Cleaning before you move in can be hell. If you are unlucky, and your new landlord didn’t hire people to do it, then we are sorry… But! The Fantastic Cleaners are here and we will show you how to clean your new home by yourself!

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Amazing Tips That Will Help you to Get Rid of Construction Dust

post construction cleaning tips intro

You renovated your home recently? And the tedious task of cleaning after falls on you? You did it by yourself or with professional help? Doesn’t matter. In both cases, you would agree that the post construction cleaning is one of the hardest tasks. It is sometimes even harder than the renovating itself. Keep reading to…

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The Things That we Don’t Clean at Home But we Should

The places that we don't clean at home but we really should.

Cleaning our homes is something that we all do weekly and never put too much thought into it. We have certain things that we clean and there are also some that we don’t clean months at a time. Those, that we overlook always store the biggest amount of germs and are the dirtiest. That’s why…

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The Ultimate Baseboard Cleaning Guide

The ultimate guide to base board cleaning.

Living in a clean house is the dream of every homeowner. However, with kids, pets and guests being around the house most times, it’s pretty hard to accomplish this goal. Dust covers the whole house and you just finished cleaning 20 minutes ago. That’s a nightmare almost every single one of us goes through… Even though…

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