Eliminating Dog Smell – Here’s How To!

How to get rid of dog smell in your home.

If you own a dog, then you are familiar with the smell that is haunting your home. It’s nearly impossible to get around that problem unless you are the owner of a teeny tiny dog breed.

House cleaning would feel so much fresher if our house smelled amazing all the time. Well, if you own a dog, or did in the past, then you know how many different smells our little companions exude. And those odours are the problem that we are here to help you battle.

How to get rid of dog smell

Removing the nasty odour when it has already set in can be a job quite hard to accomplish. All of the furniture in our homes absorbs smells, and if one has already set in, then it can be very hard to remove.

Step #1: Investigate where the dog smell comes from.

Like most creatures dogs have habits. They also have a favourite place to lounge. If they prefer more than one place, then it’s a good idea to note them and see which place absorbs most odour.
If you have a hard time determining those places then use your nose! Pet smell is very strong so you can easily find them by sniffing.

Step #2: Wash your dog.

To have a fresh smelling home you have to wash your dog often!

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Washing your dog regularly is very important. But to remove the odour completely then you’ll need to know how to do it properly.

  • Invest in high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner.
    A high-quality shampoo and conditioner are very important if you want your dog to smell nice.
  • Buy quality food.
    Food is very important for your dog! You must buy quality food in order to keep your dog healthy. Often times the reason why your dog smells bad is that of the bad food you feed them.
  • Make sure they have a healthy set of teeth.
    A big part of the smell that your dog exudes comes from the mouth. Make sure your little friend has a healthy set of teeth. Visit a vet and consult with him on what you can feed your dog with and the type of food that you should use to feed them.
  • Don’t let your dog stay wet.
    The smell that your dog emanate is because of bacteria that live on their skin. And as we all know, bacteria loves dark and wet places where it can breed freely. It’s important to dry your dog if it’s wet. Try to train it to be dried with a hair drier.
  • Invest in baby wet-wipes or dog wipes.
    Dog wipes are great for cleaning your dog in-between baths. As you can’t wash the dog daily, it’s important to find a way keep the dog clean during the period in-between baths.

Step #3: Clean the furniture (and the whole house).

Clean the whole house!

Shutterstock/Elena Nichizhenova

After you’ve washed the dog and found it’s favourite places it’s important to clean them in order to remove the smell. You can wash the furniture with detergents specifically made for this, or you can wash it a homemade detergent.
You can make a great cleaning solution with white vinegar, liquid soap and hot water.

Washing detergent recipe: 

  • Mix 50% hot water with 50% vinegar
  • Add a bit of liquid soap and stir
  • Put the whole thing in a spray bottle

Make sure to spray and scrub the furniture. With this solution, you can also clean all of the furniture around the house. White vinegar is especially good at removing smells and bad odour. If the carpets are dirty too, then consider hiring someone to clean them for you!

Step #4: Introduce a nice aroma in your home.

Introduce a perfume in your home


After you’ve done all of the steps above it’s time to introduce some nice scents in your home. Having your home cleaned it’s time to set some new smells in. Check out our guide on making your home smell amazing.

If all of the above doesn’t help then consider visiting the vet and talking to them about this problem. Your dog might have a problem with its anal glands. That’s why it’s important to go and discuss this problem with a veterinarian.


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