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How to get rid of dust in room

Why Is the House So Dusty? Effective Ways to Get Rid of the Dust

Dust in the house isn’t like washing up or laundry, only generated when you do things. If you stayed in bed all day or went on holiday for a month, (wouldn’t that be nice!) your house would still get dusty. It’s doubtful that there’s such a thing as a totally dust-free home anywhere in Australia…

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How to clean chrome taps

How to Clean Chrome Taps

Chrome taps are surely one of the most common and preferred home parts. Chrome as a material is very durable and when properly cared for, it shines and looks good for longer. Generally, it doesn’t take much to maintain clean chrome, however, there are things that one needs to know about this type of material…

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How to get rid of wet carpet smell

Top 4 Ways to Rid of Wet Carpet Smell

Water damage is a nuisance that is usually a result of either extreme weather conditions or a home accident. In any case, the outcome is often devastating. Not only will you have lots of cleaning up to deal with, but there is also that bad smell lingering even after you have scrubbed and mopped every…

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How to remove wallpaper glue

How to Remove Wallpaper Glue

Wallpaper is an affordable interior decoration that comes in many different colours and patterns. That is why many homeowners in Australia choose it to bring life and personality to their space that cannot be easily achieved with paint. However, when the time comes to remove the wallpaper, people see how hard and time-consuming this task…

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How to clean outdoor furniture cushions

How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Just like any indoor furniture, garden furniture cushions also need special care. Although their fabric is more resistant to damage, UV rays and moisture, without regular cleaning and with constant exposure to the weather conditions, their protective coating can fade. Summer gatherings and BBQ parties can leave their mark on the cushion’s fabric, too. Generally…

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