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We spend a big part of our day in bed. Somewhere around 8 hours, some more, some less. What a lot of us forget to do is clean our mattresses regularly. While we sleep dead skin cells, dust, and other dirt builds up. In the end, we are left with inhaling dust that is bad for our health.

Most of us would go directly to a professional cleaning service and let them deal with this problem, however you can just do it yourself at home. Most of the time it’s going to do the work adequately enough. The way to do it is by constantly maintaining your mattress on a certain level of cleanliness after a professional has come and cleaned it for you.

Why it’s Important to Clean Your Mattress



An old dirty and dusty mattress can gather all types of harmful bacteria and mould. This is something we don’t think about but can be very harmful. Because it’s out of sight we don’t realise that E coli loves to live and breed in our mattresses and it can be lurking in yours too. In fact, it’s estimated that our beds can hide and breed up to 200,000 different bacteria. That’s more than what you get on your toilet! 

These are some of the bacteria that might be lurking and potentially endangering your health:

  • MRSA Superbug
  • Campylobacter
  • Fungi and mould
  • Norovirus

In order to keep your mattress from becoming a bacteria breeding ground, you’ll have to regularly clean your mattress.

How To Clean Your Mattress 



By now you should have known that it’s important to clean your mattress and to maintain it that way. Doing this by yourself can still be enough for most mattresses, however, there are ways that work, and some that don’t. Looking at our professional background we’ve come up with some of the best DIY mattress cleaning methods:

Make a Mattress Cleaning Powder

Probably one of the best ways to sanitise your mattress is by creating a cleaning powder. It’s super easy to make and takes almost no time.

Here are the following products you will need to create a mattress cleaning powder:

Get the jar and put the ingredients in it. Close it tight, and give it a good shake. Make sure everything is mixed up nice and go grab your shaker lid.

How to Apply a DIY Mattress Cleaning Powder:

Use the jar with the shaker lid to spread the mattress cleaning powder over the whole surface. It’s important to give it enough time to work, so make sure to let it sit and do its job for 1 or 2 hours. After enough time has passed, go and grab your vacuum cleaner. Put it in the strongest setting and start vacuuming slowly. Choose a starting point and begin vacuuming the top of your mattress steadily, making sure you suck up the powder thoroughly. 

If you do everything correctly, the powder should do a great job at freshening up a moderately used mattress. It’s a good idea to use a DIY mattress cleaning powder after a professional cleaning. This way a mattress can be kept in good condition year-round, or until the next time you call a cleaner to clean it properly with professional gear.

How to Remove Urine Stains from a Mattress

Parents with toddlers and people taking care of elders, the Fantastic Cleaners Team has a cleaning solution for everything. Getting a mattress stained with urine means that there will be a lot of scrubbing before it’s clean again. Urine stains are quite hard to clean. In fact, it’s much easier to get the smell out, yet have a stain on the mattress. Still, there are DIY tricks to get those nasty pee stains from your mattress. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Paper Towels
  • Spray Bottle

Grab the spray bottle with vinegar and spray the pee stains. It’s important that you put just enough and don’t apply too much of it. Make sure the area is reasonably damp but not soaking wet. After that let it sit for five to ten minutes. This is the optimal time for the vinegar to do its magic on the pee stain.

After the ten minutes have passed, grab paper towel and try to soak as much of the vinegar as possible. This will prepare the mattress for the next step.

Follow it by putting baking soda (or your nice smelling DIY mattress cleaning powder) on top of it and let sit for one to two hours. After that, just like above, vacuum everything away. Make sure that you vacuum everything thoroughly 

How to Clean Different Spill Stains from Your Mattress

For those that love to snack in bed spill stains is probably not a rare occurrence. However, you should act fast when you spill something on it.

When a spill happens make sure you immediately remove all the bedding and wash it. If you have stained the mattress then you can give it a good wash and scrub with upholstery shampoo. If you don’t have one at hand you can make a DIY version of it by diluting dishwashing soap with warm water. Give the stained area a good scrub and wipe it with a cloth rinsed in warm water. It’s important to let the area dry thoroughly before putting bedding on. If you put it on while there’s still moisture, there’s risk of mould developing.

Getting Your Mattress Cleaned by a Professional

No matter how thoroughly you scrub your mattress and how often you clean it, there is no better way to take care of your mattress than hiring a professional to do it.

They will clean it meticulously with specialised machines and methods. It’s the safest bet when you want a healthy sanitised mattress without sacrificing its longevity.

Having a clean mattress is of no small importance for your well being. All kinds of nasty bacteria can hide in it and this may only harm you and your family. Make sure you call a professional that will do it correctly at least twice a year. In-between these times you can do a DIY maintenance with the methods above.

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