The Ultimate Baseboard Cleaning Guide

Living in a clean house is the dream of every homeowner. However, with kids, pets and guests being around the house most times, it’s pretty hard to accomplish this goal. Dust covers the whole house and you just finished cleaning 20 minutes ago. That’s a nightmare almost every single one of us goes through… Even though…

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How to Clean a Bathroom

The ultimate guide to cleaning your bathroom.

Bathrooms are probably the most personal rooms in a house. We make it look the way that we feel comfortable with it, and we put accessories that make us feel good. It doesn’t matter if we choose to put on the best decorations, or opt-in for a fairly minimalistic look we have to keep our…

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What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?


Maintaining your carpet clean is something that everyone should do. It’s the decoration of rooms that takes most beating and we always step on it. This is the reason why it’s also one of the things that collect most dirt. If you don’t vacuum your carpet often and don’t take proper care of it, you’ll…

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The DIY Mattress Cleaning Tips from the Professionals

  A cosy bed can fix a bad day. However, after using your mattress time and time again it gets dirty and smelly. With time smell can get overwhelming, so it’s just normal that you give your mattress proper cleaning every once in a while.  So, either if you are renting a property, and the…

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Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Ways to make your house smell amazing

Everyone wants to have a great smelling house that reminds us of home. However, often times, if you are renting the living space, we are faced with dealing with bad odour in our homes. It isn’t something that is pleasant. It’s pretty clear that a smell can turn a house into a home. After all,…

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