Why Is the House So Dusty? Effective Ways to Get Rid of the Dust

How to get rid of dust in room

Dust in the house isn’t like washing up or laundry, only generated when you do things. If you stayed in bed all day or went on holiday for a month, (wouldn’t that be nice!) your house would still get dusty. It’s doubtful that there’s such a thing as a totally dust-free home anywhere in Australia…

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How to Clean a Toaster

A white toaster with lightly toasted bread on pink backgroud

Cleaning the toaster in your kitchen may not be the most critical thing on your to-do list. But it’s very easy, doesn’t take too long and is important to prevent germs from building up inside the appliance. No, it doesn’t involve simply turning your toaster upside down and shaking it over the sink. That’s not…

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How to Shampoo a Carpet

Carpet shampooing

A carpet can definitely be the perfect finish to your home’s interior, but as with everything, you need to know how to properly maintain it. We all know how a rug can be a magnet not only for stains, but also for nasty allergens that can trigger coughing and sneezing. Needless to say, a good,…

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How to Clean Chrome Taps

How to clean chrome taps

Chrome taps are surely one of the most common and preferred home parts. Chrome as a material is very durable and when properly cared for, it shines and looks good for longer. Generally, it doesn’t take much to maintain clean chrome, however, there are things that one needs to know about this type of material…

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Easy Ways to Clean Kitchen Tiles

Clean white kitchen tiles and a black sink

Kitchens are often seen as the hearth of the home, where delightful smells of freshly baked cookies and favourite meals linger in the air. While on the topic of cooking, kitchen tiles are an easy target for grease splatters, sauce spills, and general debris. Needless to say, the mess left behind after a kitchen adventure…

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