Organising your Home Before Winter

Last update: 3 months ago

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Winter is coming! While it’s nothing to fret over it’s still a good idea to prepare and do a good seasonal cleaning and organising before winter. We’ve made a handy checklist to make your life easier.




Start by giving your windows a good wash. It’s as good as time as any to do that if you haven’t for a while. Pay attention to the panes. If any of them need resealing you should take care of it, because windows are the places most of your heat leaks out from. You can take a few tips from our DOs and Dont’s Window Cleaning Giuide


Clean out all your gutters and their downspouts. You’ll need them in full working order for the winter. All the debris and leaves clogging up your gutter can bring potential problems for your home.


Wash your house siding and the garage doors while the weather is still favourable. You’ll have to do it again in spring, but this doesn’t mean it’s pointless. Use the task to check for any small repairs that need to be done or bugs looking for shelter under the siding. If there are spots where water may leak inside the walls – address it accordingly. Mold is nasty and potentially harmful to your health.

Patios, walkways

Have your decking, patios, and walkways pressure washed. This will remove all the dust and soil gathered on them. This way when the wet weather starts they won’t be perpetually covered in muck.



We recommend starting with your HVAC unit maintenance. Especially if it’s your main method of heating your house. Clean ducts and vents will not only help it work at optimum efficiency, but will also bring down your electricity bill. Remember to also change the filters.


If you have a fireplace and plan on using it, you should give it a scrub as well. Clear out the ash, and clean the chimney.


Give your kitchen a deep clean. Scrub counters and surfaces, pull the fridge back and vacuum the coils. Don’t forget your oven too. 


Wash the windows on from the inside too. Vacuum the window wells and sills. The brush nozzle attachment of your vacuum is well suited for cleaning out the screens. As before, check if there are spots that need resealing.



Clean out your wardrobe from outfits you won’t need in the coming seasons. Give them a wash or a drycleaning  and store them in vacuum bags or plastic storage boxes. There’s no need from an overcrowded wardrobe. This is also a good opportunity to clean your wardrobe from clothes you no longer need. Both warm and cold weather items.


While you are it change the bed covers for those thicker winter ones. If you have cozy winter rugs – lay them down. Wash and store the light bed covers just as you did with the clothes.

Living Room

Moving on to the living room. Take out those cozy fluffy throws and pillow casings and transform your sofa and armchairs in their winter coats. Throw down that cozy rug too. Remember to move in any potted plants you may have on the outside in, and put them near a window so they can still get plenty of sun. They’ll appreciate it.

Outside Furniture

Don’t forget to shelter any patio furniture that won’t be used in winter. Or at least cover it with plastic if you don’t have a suitable place to store it. If you are going with the second option, remember to tie it down too.


In winter you may want to keep your vehicle in the garage rather than the driveway. It’s a good idea to organise it to get rid of unneeded clutter. Toss unneeded items you are keeping in your garage for lack of better place in the house. Chances are you don’t really need them. Group your tools by tasks they are needed for. If possible move them to your garden shed. Investing in vertical storage solutions is also a good idea as this will optimise the use of space.

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