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How to get rid of dust in room

Why Is the House So Dusty? Effective Ways to Get Rid of the Dust

Dust in the house isn’t like washing up or laundry, only generated when you do things. If you stayed in bed all day or went on holiday for a month, (wouldn’t that be nice!) your house would still get dusty. It’s doubtful that there’s such a thing as a totally dust-free home anywhere in Australia…

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How to clean chrome taps

How to Clean Chrome Taps

Chrome taps are surely one of the most common and preferred home parts. Chrome as a material is very durable and when properly cared for, it shines and looks good for longer. Generally, it doesn’t take much to maintain clean chrome, however, there are things that one needs to know about this type of material…

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Home cleaners helping the homeowner do their cleaning chores.

Hiring a Professional Cleaner is a Good Idea! Here’s Why

Hiring someone to do the cleaning for you is a great idea! Here’s why you should invest your money into hiring a professional to clean your home while you do what you enjoy!

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A man holding a cleaning checklist while tidying up his apartment.

Your Complete Apartment Cleaning Schedule

We know being busy means that regular cleaning can be hard. That’s why the Fantastic cleaners share how you can maintain your apartment in top shape without putting too much time into it!

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The 10 best green cleaning solutions for your home!

Clean Like a Professional with These 10 Green Cleaning Products

Keeping your home clean and healthy is the perfect combination. However, most off-the-shelf cleaning detergents contain harmful chemicals. The professional cleaners are here to share their favourite homemade cleaners and the recipes so you can do them by yourself at home!

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