How to Clean Slime Off of Carpet

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How to clean slime off carpets.
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Slime may look like a fun and enjoyable present for your kid. However, it is also a real pain to clean. Carpets and clothes are most likely to suffer from a close encounter with the sticky blob. Therefore it’s best to be prepared in case of an accident. Don’t hurry to get those carpets changed, as there is an easy way to get the slime out.

What is slime?

The simplest way to describe slime would be as a thick substance, which, although considered fluid, is neither liquid nor solid. It resembles dough and quicksand, and it was created to entertain kids and even adults (who are still kids at heart). Due to being sticky, easy to mould into different shapes and colours, slime is even more popular than similar products like Silly Putty and Play-Doh.

What types of slime are out there?

Generally, there is the store-bought slime and the homemade slime, which may differ in their composition. While the first one is professionally manufactured and could last longer, the homemade product is often preferred as the cheaper and sometimes safer alternative.

The main included ingredients are polymeric molecules and borax, but over time different variations of the main slime recipe have been created as a result of parent’s experiments at home. Things like glue and food colouring are impossible to miss, mainly responsible for staining fabrics and turning the carpet cleaning into a real challenge.

You can certainly find a wide variety of slime products today. They range from the original green slime, through different colour variations, like black, red, neon, pink, and reaching innovations like magnetic slime and foam slime. The difference in ingredients could affect the carpet cleaning outcome, with colour being a significant factor. Not to worry, though, because, with the proper treatment, your carpet will be slime stain-free in no time.

Pre-cleaning procedure

As soon as you notice a slime stain, even a small one, get to the action right away. To safely get the slime out of the carpet, a pre-cleaning is required.

Collecting as much of the product means having less to clean later. The best tool for the job could be either a spoon or a knife. Be gentle, so you don’t spread the slime and create a more prominent stain. If the slime is still wet, a paper towel or baby wipes may help with the cleaning.

In case the slime stain is already dry and old, you may need a little more force to remove the substance from the carpet. Apply a couple of ice cubes over it. Let them sit on the spot until the slime freezes. This should take around 10-15 minutes. Once the slime is frozen, you should be able to scrape it easily. Use a vacuum cleaner once you are done to collect all small pieces from the fabric.

Warning: It is important to be sure that the slime is completely dry before using the machine, otherwise the slime will clog it. Also, never try to wash slime, even a small amount, down the drain or you will have extra work on your hands.

Cleaning slime the toxin-free way

An easy way to get slime out of a carpet and an eco-friendly one is with vinegar. As an acid, it has the power to dissolve the slime from any fabric and prevent permanent staining.

What you will need:

  • A spray bottle
  • Vinegar
  • A clean scrubbing brush
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • A dry towel

Start by preparing a 2:1 cleaning solution of vinegar and lukewarm water in the spray bottle. You may find suggestions on pouring vinegar directly onto the stain. However, this may not be good for the carpet, especially for more delicate types. It is safer to test with a mixed solution first.

Once you pre-treat the stain and eliminate all the excess slime, generously spray the stain and let the solution work for at least 5 minutes. You should be able to notice the slime getting dissolved, and that’s when you can try scrubbing gently with the brush without pressing too hard. Then blot with the towel for absorbing the liquid.

Sometimes you may have to repeat the whole procedure more than once, so feel free to repeat until it fully disappears. If the vinegar smell bothers you, just wash the area with water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Leave the carpet to dry or speed up the process with a hairdryer.

Other slime cleaning methods

If the slime stain in your carpet is old and stubborn, vinegar may not be as effective as other cleaning methods. When mixing the solution, replace the vinegar with rubbing alcohol, WD40 or hydrogen peroxide. These can come in handy for cleaning some common stains on the carpets, as well. Follow the same steps stated in the cleaning method above.

Removing any left behind colour

After removing the stain with the cleaning solution, you may notice that the slime colour is still showing off from the carpet, especially if the slime is black, blue or green.

How to remove the leftover colour from store-bought slime

If the slime is store-bought, use an all-purpose carpet cleaning detergent and spot-treat the leftover stain. Spray it with the detergent and leave it for a couple of minutes. Use a microfiber cloth and blot the stain until it’s completely removed.

How to remove the leftover colour from homemade slime

If the slime is homemade and the colour is achieved with food colouring, it’s best to treat the stain with homemade detergent for food colour removal.

  1. Create a mixture
    Mix dishwashing some with a tablespoon of vinegar and warm water. If you used red or another bright food colouring for the slime, replace the vinegar and add ammonia instead.
  2. Treat the stain
    Pour the mixture over the stain. Leave it to soak in for 3 minutes.
  3. Blot the stain
    Use a microfiber cloth and blot gently the spot. The colour should stain the cloth you’re using. Use different sides of the fabric to avoid spreading the colour back into the stain. Continue blotting until no more colour is left on the carpet.

If this cleaning method isn’t working (this may happen if the stain has been on the caret for too long), try using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Let it sit for 30 minutes on the carpet. Blot with a cloth and rinse with water. Getting the carpet professionally cleaned is also a good option that can spare you time and hard work.

Warning: Be very careful with the hydrogen peroxide, it can act like a bleacher on certain materials. We recommend you test it on a small, unseen area first, before pouring it over the stain.

How to remove stubborn glitter slime from carpet

Most of the popular slimes out there contain glitter. Glitter has tiny particles, which are very sticky. If your stain is from that kind of slime, have in mind that it’ll be harder to remove. After removing the stain, wait until the spot is dry. Start vacuuming the area, but expect that you’ll need to go over the same place a couple of times.

You can also use masking or sticky tape to wrap it around your hand with the sticky side out. Then pat the area with the glitter using your hand. Change the tape if needed and repeat the procedure until no more glitter is left on the carpet.


You should remove slime stains from the carpet as soon as possible. Whether the product is store-bought or homemade, you can clean it easily with a mixed solution of vinegar and hot water. If there is any colour left on the carpet, you need to make more effort to remove it.

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