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How to Clean Your Fabric Couch: Step-by-Step

How to Clean a Fabric Couch

The couch – a place where Netflix marathons take place, 3-hour unscheduled naps happen and where your casual work-from-home station is. It’s only a matter of time the daily use starts to show. No matter how careful we are, the crevices are a magnet for crumbs, dust and hair while the cushions magically trap coffee…

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How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions

How to clean outdoor furniture cushions

Just like any indoor furniture, garden furniture cushions also need special care. Although their fabric is more resistant to damage, UV rays and moisture, without regular cleaning and with constant exposure to the weather conditions, their protective coating can fade. Summer gatherings and BBQ parties can leave their mark on the cushion’s fabric, too. Normally…

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How Clean Does a Rental Property Need to Be for Inspection

When you think of rental property inspection, probably the first thing that comes to mind is heavy-duty cleaning and lots of stress. So, it’s only natural to feel panic when the actual thing is just around the corner. However, negative emotions can only lead you down a bad road, causing a disappointing outcome and more…

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How to Clean a Stainless Steel Stove

Stainless steel appliances look best when they’re spotless and sparkling clean. The stove is one of the most used household cooking appliances and if it’s made from this material, you should learn the ways of how to clean it. Still, we often forget to take care of it as much as we would like to….

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How to Effectively Clean Shower Glass

The professional ins and outs of cleaning a shower glass and removing soap scum.

Having a shower glass comes with a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, easy cleaning and maintenance don’t quite make the list. Whether you prefer framed, frameless or the semi-frameless option, regular cleaning is essential for protecting the glass and maintaining its spotless look. Knowing some quick and easy tips also helps, especially for tackling the biggest…

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