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Enjoy the benefits of professional tile and grout sealing in Melbourne with excellent results

A grout and tile sealing service will save you not only that one session of cleaning and scrubbing of your tile floors, be it in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, but will also prolong the life of your tile surfaces. It will also ease and speed up your cleaning job in the future, as well!

You probably have already spent time thinking about the protection of your ceramic or vinyl tile flooring and actually completing the task than you would have liked, so this tile restoration service is going to make your life much easier.

A professional tile and grout sealing job will easily restore the initial look of your tiles and grout, that’s for sure! Your tile flooring or walls will look immaculate and sanitised, of course, but they will also be effectively protected from future stains and spills, as well as other types of damage, such as scratches.

Why you choose our expert tile sealing and grout sealing services in Melbourne

Fantastic Cleaners is at your disposal to satisfy any of your tile & grout sealing, resaling and cleaning needs, even at short notice. Available seven days a week, including weekends and bank holidays, we are here to serve you. Once you have identified the tiled area that is your pain point and in need of sealing or resealing and good cleaning, you only need to schedule your service for a time that’s convenient for you.

You can do that by going online and booking on our website or via our GoFantastic app. You can also call and discuss your requirements with one of our helpful customer support operatives. Once the date and time is arranged, the technicians will arrive on site and bring all the necessary equipment and materials for the job. They will wear protective gear around your home to preserve its current state.

In addition, rest assured that we work with fully qualified and experienced tile technicians in Melbourne, who work with strong attention to detail. What’s more, you can join our Fantastic Club and take advantage of credits towards future services from our wide cleaning range and many other perks.

How is the tile and grout sealing done?

Timely sealing of your tile and grout surfaces is not only vital for the aesthetics of your home but also important for their protection and easier future maintenance. Applying a sealant protects the grout from any future scratches, stains and spills.

As the grout and, often, some types of tiles (ex: natural stone) are made of porous materials, if they have not been sealed, they will absorb and easily accumulate dirt and grime over time. This makes it more difficult to clean them and can make your investment more susceptible to damage and stain formation.

Instead of having to use stronger and stronger detergents to restore the true color of your tiles and grout, and remove any stains, you can simply resort to our tile and grout sealing solutions. Once you have arranged for your service to take place, we will:

  • Inspect the area and measure its size to confirm the initial preliminary quote you’ve received;
  • Pre-treat any particular stains there may be and thoroughly clean the surface if your tiles have never been sealed before;
  • If the job involves resealing your tiles, then the pros will strip them first by applying a stripping solution, which will be then removed, along with the dissolved old protective layer, with the use of a specialised equipment;
  • Then, the technicians will apply the most suitable sealant for your particular type of tiles and grout;
  • The end result will be effective protection against any future stains, scratches and general dirt accumulation;
  • Cut the future cleaning time in more than half and book our premium tile and grout sealing service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do I have to provide the sealant for the service?

    A: No, you don’t have to, as we can provide everything necessary to deliver an outstanding service for you! However, if you’ve already purchased the materials, then the pros will use them.

  • Q: Should I clean the tile surface myself, first?

    A: It is always best to vacuum and mop your tile flooring or schedule a professional hard floor cleaning service, in some cases. However, the equipment we use if we need to strip your tiles first, makes this step unnecessary.

  • Q: I have a very specific type of tiles, can they be sealed?

    A: Before each service takes place, the technician will carefully examine your tiles and grout to make sure we can safely and successfully treat and seal them without any damage.

  • Q: How often should I reseal my tile and grout surfaces?

    A: It is best to look after your tiles and grout and clean and seal them regularly. Having said that, a properly applied durable sealant, such as a solvent-based impregnator or sealer, can last a very long time. So, it will be sufficient to reseal your tile floor every 4-5 years. The technician on site will be happy to advise you on when your next tile sealing service should be booked.

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