Solar Panel Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Better energy conversion of the system
  • Eco-friendly cleaning, no chemicals used
  • Cost-effective and reliable service
  • Increased life of your solar panels

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Expert solar panel cleaning in Melbourne

Get better energy conversion up to 30% by getting a professional solar panel cleaning in Melbourne!

No more dust, dirt, or scale build-up! The technicians know how to work with heights, so you don’t have to.

They use filtered water that doesn’t leave streaks and no detergents! Solar panels are a great investment that needs its fair share of maintenance and cleaning them really pays off.

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Why you need a solar panel cleaning service

Debris and grime inevitably build up with time which can cause problems. By blocking the sunlight, the panels don’t work in full capacity. This affects the energy they produce, which in some cases reported to drop by 25%, consequently hitting you in the pocket.

Cleaning the panels also reveals if there are crack or other damages, which can worsen with time if left unnoticed. This is why manufacturers and professionals recommend routinely checking your panels and keep them clean.

While some people rely on rain to wash the panels, it couldn’t be called cleaning.

You should clean the panels at least twice a year, but in the cases when they’re installed in dusty areas, near high traffic roads or trees, you can benefit from cleaning them more often.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

How the solar panel cleaning is done & what to expect from the service

DIY-ing can be a fun and satisfying job but not when it comes to cleaning solar panels. Safety is the most important aspect and the task should be left to trained professionals, especially when it comes to solar panels that are installed on the roof!

The Fantastic cleaners in Melbourne are equipped with:

  • Water-fed pole. Fantastic cleaners clean the panels from the ground with the help of extension poles.
  • Soft brush attachment and a squeegee with a plastic blade. These tools are safe to use on solar panels, leaving no marks or scratches.
  • Filtered water. The filtered water ensures the streak-free results you’re looking for. Cleaning glass with tap water can cause scale build-up, and using chemicals can leave streaks.

Don’t attempt cleaning the panels yourself. No only unsafe when working with heights, but also inappropriate cleaning techniques can lead to scratched glass.

Any scratches cast shadow, and that affects the panels’ performance.

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What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does grime cause problems with solar panels?

    A: Specks of dust might have little effect on the panels’ performance, but the more they build up, the less power the system can produce. Also, keep in mind that when the panels are dirty, you won’t be might miss cracks and damages, which later on can be costly to repair.

  • Q: Can rain clean the panels?

    A: It’s not a reliable way of maintaining your solar panels clean. Rain might help wash out dust particles, but it’s not efficient against bird droppings and old grime, for example.

  • Q: How do I know my panels need cleaning?

    A: A good indicator they need cleaning is when you see grime build-up or large objects that obstruct light from reaching the panels, like leaves and bird droppings.

  • Q: How often do I need solar panel cleaning?

    A: At least twice a year. Flat panels generally require more maintenance than angled panels. When the panels are installed at an angle, the water and some debris can slide right off.

A professional solar panel cleaning is within a click! Check our prices and availability!

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