Pool cleaning services in Melbourne

Your regular pool and spa cleaning needs will be met to the highest standard!
  • One-off and regular pool cleaning solutions and maintenance
  • Vetted, insured and fully trained pool technicians
  • Saving you time and hard work every time
  • Flexible schedule and fast online booking procedure

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Pool Cleaning

Enjoy a seamless swimming pool cleaning service in Melbourne

Green-looking pool that needs to get a good clean but you simply don’t know where to start? Worry not but count on the proven skills and years of experience of the local pool service guys from Fantastic Cleaners in Melbourne! Just make an appointment for a time that fits your schedule and we’ll assign a pool cleaning specialist or a team of pros to the job.

Whether you require maintenance help for your private home swimming pool or jacuzzi, or you need assistance with inspecting and cleaning your commercial pool, we’ve got you covered! The technicians will arrive fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to complete your service in no time.

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Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne - your trusted pool cleaning service provider

Fantastic Cleaners delivers a wide range of cleaning solutions and pool cleaning is one of the sought-after services that clients in Melbourne can take advantage of. You can opt for regular pool cleaning and maintenance or one-time inspection, cleaning and servicing - whenever your swimming facility needs a professional eye and a thorough check.

With us, you can feel confident that your private or commercial swimming pool is always in good hands. See what you get:

  • Careful inspection of all pool parts and equipment
  • Testing the chemical water balance and correcting it if needed
  • Indoor and outdoor pool cleaning, available
  • Working with fully insured and qualified pool technicians
  • Comprehensive reporting at the end of the service
  • Cleaning and maintenance of empty pools, upon request
  • 7-days availability, including national and bank holidays
  • Complete coverage of Melbourne and the surrounding areas
  • A large portfolio of specialist cleaning services for your home or business
  • Quick online appointment booking via our website or the GoFantastic app
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What our clients say:

How your pool cleaning service in Melbourne will go

When the team of pool cleaners arrives, they will get down to work straight away. The inspection of your swimming facility always comes first, when individual parts and pool equipment will be checked and cleaned. Both the skimmer and pump baskets will be emptied and cleaned. The filter will be backwashed, as well. The technicians will skim the water surface once or twice if necessary to remove leaves and fallen insects. The inside of your pool will be cleaned with special equipment, making sure no debris, bugs and small particles are left unaddressed. The pros will also give special attention to the outside area, near the edge of the pool.

Furthermore, the specialists will test the balance of the water and make sure it is adjusted accordingly. On that note, if your pool suffers from algae and it has turned green, the pros will address the issue by applying a step-by-step procedure that involves regulating the pH of the water, adding the necessary algaecides, cleaning thoroughly the walls and bottom of your pool, filtering out the water if needed and so on.

So, rest assured that no matter your circumstances and express requirements, the Fantastic pool cleaners will leave you with a sparkling clean, turquoise-blue swimming pool every time.

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Pool Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you handle the cleaning of a pool that has become rather green?

    A: Absolutely, the technicians we rely on will bring everything that is needed to restore the clean and inviting condition of your swimming pool.

  • Q: How long would it take for my pool to be cleaned?

    A: Well, this will depend entirely on how big and dirty your pool is. Your pool technician will happily advise you on the duration of the service, once they’ve completed their preliminary inspection, first.

  • Q: How regularly should I clean my swimming pool?

    A: To avoid health issues and ensure the safety of your swimming facility, you should clean your pool once or twice a month, depending on your usage. Commercial pools should be cleaned more regularly, of course.

  • Q: What days of the week do you operate on?

    A: We provide our services every day of the week, including weekends and public holidays.

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