Solar panel cleaning in Brisbane

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  • Advanced cleaning techniques
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Premium solar panel cleaning in Brisbane

If you’re an avid fan of sustainable energy systems and you’ve installed photovoltaic panels on your roof, then you probably know that they need to be maintained clean on a regular basis, in order for them to work effectively! You see, you can’t just rely on the rain to wash the dust and salt deposits off your PV solar panels, as certain dirt build-ups, like bird, bat and possum waste, and debris, such as leaves, will need proper cleaning, in order to be removed. In other words, your energy output will suffer even if one panel is soiled in some way, so you’re better off asking for professional cleaning help.

This is where Fantastic Cleaners in Brisbane can assist you in no time. Just contact us and we’ll organise your solar cleaning service with an expert team of cleaning technicians!

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Why entrust your solar panel cleaning needs to Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane

Fantastic Cleaners specialises in solar panel cleaning services, designed to ensure an efficient energy supply for your home or place of business. We count on fully trained and experienced local cleaners, who apply attention to detail and diligence with each job at hand.

Here’s why you can confidently entrust your PV solar panel cleaning needs to us:

  • Prolonging the life of your solar panel system;
  • Ensuring the efficiency of your sustainable energy supply;
  • Easy booking - download the GoFantastic app, use the online booking form or call us;
  • Amazing perks if you join our Fantastic Club;
  • Options to combine different services at the same time;
  • Reliable and friendly customer support.

Get your solar panels cleaned effectively with premium equipment and in an eco-friendly manner!

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Solar Panel Cleaning

How your solar panel cleaning service goes

Experts advise that you clean your solar panel system professionally once or twice a year. So, you can easily enjoy our expertise on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of your sustainable energy system.

  • On the arranged day, we’ll send a team of two solar panel cleaning specialists to perform the service at your property in Brisbane.
  • They will bring professional water-fed extension pole cleaning equipment, designed to wash exterior windows’ glass panels, as well as PV solar panels, with great results.
  • The cleaning system uses purified water only, which means that your solar panels will be streak-free after they dry naturally.
  • The cleaning pros will successfully remove any grime build-ups with the use of a brush attachment at the end of the water-fed pole. It sprays out deionised water that is free of any mineral deposits, leaving your solar panels gleamingly clean and polished.

When booking your service, keep in mind that it’s not recommended for your solar panels to be washed mid-day, when they might be too hot under the strong sun in the summer months. Instead, choose a morning appointment slot to ensure that the service can safely take place.

And to prevent animal and bird droppings from contaminating your solar panels in the future, make sure to apply some deterrent techniques so that possums, pigeons and the likes don’t feel comfy around or on your property.

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What our clients say:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there a case when you cannot perform the service?

    A: Well, on rare occasions, the solar panels may not be reachable with the equipment used, even with the help of a ladder. Your service provider will determine this on-site and discuss with you the situation.

  • Q: Do you use detergents?

    A: We try not to. The equipment, which uses purified water only, is effective enough to bring those perfect and streak-free results.

  • Q: What is your coverage?

    A: The solar panel cleaning experts operate in the entire Brisbane area. If unsure whether we cover your location, just enter your postcode in the provided booking form to double-check.

  • Q: Can you clean my exterior windows, too?

    A: Absolutely. Since our window cleaning service uses the same water-fed pole washing system, there’s no reason why you can’t book both services at the same time.

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